Tuesday, October 22, 2013

If you buy one thing this month, make it some new Lonely lingerie.

Lonely Hearts have just released their latest line of Lonely lingerie. Although it's still the lacy soft-cups we know and love, the new range also featuring the much anticipated underwire styles - great news for anyone wanting a little bit of extra support, regardless of cup size. Free from padding and push up, the new styles remain true to Lonely's romantic, natural identity.

I got my hands on the Cyd set from the new range - with the Underwire Midline Bra and Tri Brief in the most beautiful shade of lilac (some much needed colour for my wardrobe of white, black and grey). This is the first midline style to grace my overflowing drawers - it extends down your ribcage further than a standard bra, and is a more traditional cut that is experiencing a renaissance of sorts lately. Frankly I'm hooked (pun intended) as not only does it create a far smoother line underneath clothing, but it does amazing things for your posture. Rather than slouch over at my desk like a consumptive urchin, it coaxes you to sit so straight your mother would have a heart attack. Oh and somehow makes your waist look so tiiiiny! Which is obviously important, enlightened life goal.

If you treat yourself to one thing this month (or have just realised all your lingerie is six years old) then you seriously should pick yourself up a set of these - or anything at all from this range, can't fail. Money thoroughly well spent not to mention they look even better without the interference of clothes. What's better than swanning around the house with a coffee wearing elegant lingerie and a silk robe? Nothing and you know it. Not even exaggerating when I say that I wear Lonely lingerie nearly every day. As mentioned previously, I can't stand anything moulded our padded - which seem to be the only offerings at standard lingerie stores. A vintage, romantic aesthetic is so much more preferable over the obnoxious brights and prints that have saturated the underwear market in recent years - nothings more heinous then a bright, padded lycra bra. Seriously life is too short for that shit. Therefore I happily default to Lonely when I need something new (I always lurk on their online store on payday). Buy it for you, or your lover - but regardless it will make you feel ten times better about everything. In their own words, Lonely Hearts aims to make the wearers of their lingerie feel empowered, beautiful and independent. X

Treat yourself to some Lonely - shop online HERE.