Sunday, September 22, 2013

Vogue's #OneStopShop

When everyone's meals, pets, hotdog knees and selfies get all a bit too much on Instagram, it's nice to see something a bit refreshing. Everything seems to be on either end of the low-fi or overly-contrived spectrum (I'm looking at you Nicole Warne) so it was nice to see American Vogue of all publications do three Instagram specific fashion stories with photographer Michael O'Neal. Shot on nothing but an iPhone, below is 'One Stop Shop' featuring Arlenis Sosa in fresher, more relatable looks than we've seen in the magazines pages for a long time - not to mention the best hair. The shoot with Xaio Wen wearing The Row (among others) in Chinatown is also fantastic. Maybe it's the lack of frills, photoshop and hoopla, but it somehow all feels a lot more real and achievable (albeit real through a Vogue lens) and most of all, welcome.

Arlenis Sosa by Michael O'Neal and Jordan Bickham

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