Tuesday, September 3, 2013

NZFW: Twenty-Seven Names, for the preppy Tori Spelling in you.

The Twenty-Seven Names girls haven't had a solo show at New Zealand Fashion Week in several years now - although last year they did present in the group show Blue Sky. This morning saw them show their Winter 14 collection "I'm Lost" - and I'm not exaggerating when I say it was their best collection in years. All set to a soundtrack of Mariah Carey, Jay Z and Frank Ocean (designers Rachel and Anjali always have the best show music, bar none.)

Although their starting point was Magritte, ultimately the collection conveyed a more recent nostalgia - every look was a different incarnation of a rich, Beverly Hills prep-school girl. Shrunken blazers and matching trousers, cable knit sweaters, soft silk shirt-dresses. Always known for their unique prints, the standout this time is the heart print silk-jacquard in navy - super luxe but also so restrained. Perfect in a cropped shell top and skirt, not to mention a shrunken suit. Each look was finished with bowler hat or side-swept hair that Tori Spelling would be proud of. The beauty look was all about natural but expensive, because really what else should we ever be aiming for?

Image by Jessica Sim for MAC

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