Sunday, March 3, 2013

PFW: Rochas Fall 13

Rochas, one of my favourite collections of the whole season to date. Embodying that lady you just really want to be. Tasteful but subtly twisted- elegant and effortless with a nod to chic librarians. The colour palette is odd but so perfect, pairing misty blues and washed out peach with deep burgundy and mustard yellow. Bottom halves in the form of luxuriously full skirts, but also perfectly cropped trousers - both equally elegant. Every look finished off simple, statement jewels - something I love, especially when paired with a turtleneck sweater or collared shirt.

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  1. yeah this is a really top collection- really nice. But now for something completely different- what do you think of the St Laurent romp? love to hear what people think of that do-see!

  2. Taking your words out of context but I am a fan of "Tasteful but subtly twisted" dressing. Love the blue + burgundy combo, the cut of the trousers, appreciate the outfits in set 6 and have been trying the statement jewels thing. I found it quite hard to get past the inner turmoil of wearing chandeliers with my tees and not feeling like an eccentric nana but it I got over it. PSA: The higher cut vamp on the courts - obsessed.