Saturday, February 2, 2013

You should listen to Alec Baldwin interview Lena Dunham because that's what I did last Saturday night

I know everyone goes on and on about girls - regardless of which side of the fence they are on. So try not to fangirl too much, because I really do love it. It always hits uncomfortably close too home - making me both cringe and laugh. Creator and star Lena Dunham is refreshingly self aware (the whole show is, after all, a hyper real parody of herself and her peers) and was recently interviewed by Alec Baldwin (one of my other all time favourite actors) for his radio show. 

You should probably listen to it. It's all I did last Saturday night.

Image source: i-D


  1. Great interview! I didn't know Alec Baldwin has a radio show! He's an amazing actor too, and I love Girls and Lena Dunham's acting and her ideas. She's quite unique, and she looks really pretty in that cover of i-D.