Sunday, February 24, 2013

A few words with Jason Chong Li of Stephen Marr

Jason has been my hairdresser for some years now, keeping my the perfect shade of icy blonde. He's also so talented when it comes to editorial and runway hair - having worked for the likes of Black magazine and directing the hair for Zambesi's NZFW shows. You'll find him most days at Stephen Marr's Newmarket salon. He took some time to have a chat about what styles he's into right now and the top notch products to be using.

How long have you been doing hair for? 
I'm a late start for the industry. My first apprentice experience was back in 2003. Almost 10 years ago.
What drew you to the hair industry? 
I always like playing with hair and I used to care about my own hair so much. Not so much now.
Have you always been at Stephen Marr? 
Basically yes. Before that I did work experience at a couple of good salons when I was at academy, before that I was full time apprentice for a little while at a small salon.
What inspires you? 
My team and everything.
What styling / colours are you into right now? 
With styling right now I love a clean overall feeling with light texture. Or with lots of a texture but in a clean way. Am I confusing myself? Colour-wise, same tone on different level. Especially chestnut, and biscuits brown. And I always like copper.

Who has the best hair? 
Grace Coddington
What mistakes do people make with their hair? 
Going against what they naturally have. Or trying to be "funky".
What's the hair trend for this winter? 
A few things that I mentioned before. To me, a simple colour with same tone on different level. Try wear your hair simple and clean, light texture. Not too over the top with volume. And yeah, ponytail.
What's your current favourite products? 
O&M surf bomb. Love the texture! Not too light, not too crunchy, it's just right. O&M styling guru, a suits- all-hair-type blow dry in products. Everything from Snob Girls is amazing. Sans nourishing ultra plus - the best treatment I've ever used, hands down. Wella volume mousse/leave in conditioner.

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