Thursday, January 10, 2013

Stella McCartney Pre Fall 13

This is my favourite Stella McCartney collection for a long time. It's the perfect example of the winter dressing I love - luxurious prints, crisp turtlenecks and big, sensible coats with everything. Not to mention solid loafers and well cut trousers with that sliver of ankle on show. 

As much as I love the hot summer weather we're having, I can't pretend I'm not looking forward to being able to throw a coat over everything. Especially the amazing cream teddy-fur coat I got for $20 in Paeroa. Am I the only one already thinking about winter? Or are any of you already thinking about it?

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  1. I am already thinking about it and in some cases, done something about it.... it's the waiting for the cold weather to utilise some pre-winter purchases that's killing me.

    Love one piece or another from each of these looks.

  2. Definitely thinking about winter already and the search for evil temperature must haves is on. Hopefully a modestly priced shaggy coat or vest materialises!

  3. All I've done this summer is try again and again to wear fake fur with everything. It's a bit warm really.