Sunday, December 23, 2012

Five ways to wear Boohoo's sequined shorts

Sequin laden garments aimed at the silly season can be admittedly intimidating - the idea of a glittering minidress is good but the reality can be a bit daunting, especially in the relatively relaxed social atmosphere of New Zealand. But if you buy one thing this summer to inject some frivolity and fun into your wardrobe, make it these sequinned shorts by Boohoo. They are a little bit of party whilst still giving you the freedom to bend down, brave a windy night or dance in a DJ booth (if that is your goal in life) all of which are so important to consider when going out out night. 

Also a surprisingly versatile, these shorts can go casual with sneakers and an athletic tshirt, or dressed up with shirting and stiletto pumps. They are a great foil to more classic or unisex pieces like denim and tailoring. I made it may mission this week to find five different ways to wear them - be it for a barbecue or a Tuesday or a civilised night out. Oh and they have a really good rise on them, so you can wear them with cropped top halves and the proportions still work. And there are pockets.

Look One
Boohoo shorts, Juliette Hogan jacket, AS Colour tshirt, Karen Walker Eyewear "Anytime" glasses, watch by I Love Ugly.

Look Two
Boohoo shorts, AS Colour 3/4 raglan tshirt, Kate Sylvester Eyewear "Scout" frames. Watch as before.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Miu Miu Spring 13 Campaign

The ladylike aesthetic of the latest Miu Miu campaign is so good - reclining on silk in spartan domesticity, or waiting with boredom in a state of partial undress. The set like quality of the location adds the to filmic mood of these Hitchcock-esque women. I'm also really really into that skirt silhouette right now - the length and the tiny waists and the sliver of leg seen with the vent at the back. Best worn with heels and hair that looks 'done' but slept in.

Friday, December 21, 2012

A Conversation: with Georgia Pratt

If you're in for a good read, grab a cup of coffee and sit down with the first post in this new series. Conversations with talented, inspiring and intriguing peers. First up is designer, model and very good friend of mine Georgia Pratt.

Emma: So the Glassons shoot [that went live the other morning] looked good. Are you happy with it?
Georgia: Yeah! Especially as that’s the first bit of modelling I’ve done this year since my contract ended. And I like that we kinda just did it…one afternoon.
E: That’s the first bit of editorial you’ve done right? Because you’ve done campaign before?
G: Yeah basically I was previously just doing campaign and lookbook stuff but this is probably the first editorial I have done and the first time I have worked with a mainstream brand. 
E: The fact that it was for Glassons, which is such a mainstream brand. It just looked really good. I’m really happy with it.
G: Yeah I think clean and simple will always work and still look interesting.
 E: So clean. And the fact that it was a plus [subject] wasn’t really an issue.

G: Yeah and the feedback I have had was more about the actual appeal of the shoot as a whole, and even more so about how they now want to go and buy the clothes! Which of course is what the intention is in the first place…But yeah, size shouldn’t really matter anyway or be a focus point, it’s predominantly about what you are presenting and the ideas you are trying to evoke. If it works and is appropriate, then the subject matter won’t be questioned. 
E: Yeah it was about how amazing you and the clothes looked, not specifically about showing someone who wasn’t a standard model size.
G: Yeah absolutely… And I think it’s relatable. Especially to our generation of women… Or any women!! And it’s interesting to switch it up, especially for this type of brand, the demographic is meant to be broad so why not present in that way. 

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Live out all those weird latent Barbie / Mrs Robinson / Rizzo fantasies you have c/o Michael Kors

You know the kind I'm talking about - ladies who lunch (but actually just have diet pills with their vodka tonics) and match their shoes to their sunglasses and have "car coats" for the actual car and drink martinis while "putting their faces on" while wearing maribou mules. You know.

Glassons asked me what I wanted for Christmas (plenty of faded denim)

If you buy one dress for summer make it some faded denim - relaxed, simple and cute. I put together a little Christmas list for Glassons' blog - mostly summer classics, good reads and great lipstick. Because I'm impatient and can't wait for the 25th, I'm going to go buy that dress on the left this week.
1. Glassons Denim Dress, 2. Spotted Swimwear, 3. Statement Necklace, 4. Essential Black Sandals, 5. Dungaree Denim Dress

Monday, December 17, 2012

Makeup Monday: I asked for "Jean Shrimpton on acid"

I'm a firm believer in getting your makeup done for an occasion- nothing beats a professional touch for when you want to look properly "done". And if you are going to get your makeup done you might as well get something done that you can't do yourself. The girls at the MAC stores do this better than anyone - flirting with the extreme or dramatic in just the right way.

On Friday I went to see Meggie at the Pro store at Britomart to get my makeup done for Grimes that night - briefing her with "Jean Shrimpton on acid" for that 60s eye but with way more party to it. Naturally we put some big lashes on; I can't do these myself, so always get the MAC artists to do it for me, and since you're paying for the lashes ($26) getting your eyes done is redeemable - so so worth it, and the best decision you will make this silly season (and at least you'll look amazing while making bad decisions). I swear to god these lashes lasted through my 4am bedtime until 1pm the next day. And I have them in their box waiting for the next occasion that calls for big fluffy lashes.

Call MAC Pro at Britomart on 09 358 4200

Sydney, surf and Boohoo

You might have noticed that from various social media feeds that I was in Sydney the other week with Katherine Lowe and Sophie Donovan as the very lucky guests of Boohoo. We were treated to lunch at Icebergs in Bondi, a viewing (and try on) of the latest range (so many good prints!) and even a surfing lessons as part of their Boohoo Beach Day. Our trip also consisted of eating, walking, shopping and more eating. 

The try on session at Icebergs was great fun, and it's always interesting to see what pieces everyone picks out. The pink turtleneck was much sought after, as were a pair of fantastic white heels. Everything I'm wearing is from the upcoming Boohoo collection. That sweatshirt is my favourite piece. Followed closely by the sleeveless knit turtleneck in acid pink.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Reed Krakoff Pre Fall 13

Reed Krakoff always makes me want to look expensive and in charge all day every day. And how good does grey on grey look? And those pointy flats (such a great alternative to frequently insipid ballet flats). And even though this is Pre Fall and we are in summer now, at least you can get into that slick side-parted hair now.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Give good party face this holidays (and make it LAST) with MAC's Amber D

It's that time of year again where you find yourself doing outfit changes in the car and having to make your makeup last (and look good) for work, after work drinks, some dinner thing and a party later (and if you're lucky/unlucky the next day too). Life is hard right. But who doesn't want to look their best. And you want to look better than your best when everyone is upping their game during the aptly titled Silly Season. It's easy to default to an inoffensive metallic-taupe eye and a nude lip, but way more fun to get creative. A bright lip or some serious heavy metals on the eye is so much more creative and will make you feel like a Queen. It's also the perfect time of year to get your makeup done in store - false eyelashes and the whole nine yards (I'm getting some put on tonight at MAC's Britomart store because I'm going to Grimes!!). But if you are doing it yourself (as most of us do), I figured who else to ask but the best makeup artist I know - Amber D, Senior Artist of MAC Cosmetics New Zealand. Amber was kind enough to share her wisdom on how to get your face to last all night and how to tackle a bold eye or lip. 

It’s a weird thing having to consider what makeup to wear over a summer Christmas season and how to seamlessly glide into summer without looking like a sweaty disaster! (And also being able to play it cool and pretend like you didn’t put in any effort and actually always look that amazing).

So here are my suggestions and essentials…
Do like Missoni and make sure your skin looks flawless and well groomed. My current go to combo for summer skin is M.A.C Face & Body Foundation applied to get a sheer coverage, M.A.C Prep & Prime BB Cream SPF30 pressed lightly over the top through the middle of the face, Prep & Prime Highlighter under the eyes to hide any clues that you have had a late night the night before, then set lightly with M.A.C Prep & Prime powder (which is totally invisible but smoothes the look of pores and lines….why wouldn’t you?)…trust me this combo works like a dream. Perfectly groomed eyebrows also do a lot for a face so make sure you fill any gaps in your brows with M.A.C Brows (I know Emma is obsessed with Lingering and for good reason) then comb up with M.A.C Clear brow set.

Missoni [image supplied]

Perfection can be boring and we don’t want to look like summer makeup robots, so while flawlessly perfect skin is important (and looking like there actually isn’t anything there when we all know there is) sometimes a more cream smudged out eye can look way sexier and saves time worrying about touch-ups if it’s actually supposed to look a little rock’n’roll.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Merry Christmas from Lonely Hearts ♥ and Rag Pony

Summer is definitely here (the weather this week has been ridiculously nice, and hopefully it hangs around!) and Christmas is looming super fast. To celebrate the good weather, Christmas and how supportive all our fans and followers have been this year Lonely Hearts and I are giving away one of their super popular  daisy print shirts. One lucky ready will win this shirt (in the size of their choice) just in time for high summer. The loose cut is great for the heat, and the black and white daisy print is the best simple floral print I've seen in a long time. Custom daisy printed crepe de chine from their Spring 12/13 collection, check it out here.

To enter, comment with your name, email and tell me what your favorite thing about Christmas is.
Then follow us both on Instagram [lonelyheartslabel] and [emmagleason].
If you don't have Instagram, like us on Facebook (if you don't already) at Lonely Hearts and Rag Pony.

Don't forget to check out Lonely Hearts' new online store either - perfect for gift shopping if you're stuck at your desk, or filling out your summer wardrobe. And they have free shipping throughout New Zealand and no minimum purchase.

Competition will be drawn Thursday 20th December. x

Image Supplied.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

If you don't have plans Thursday night (and even if you do) definitely come along to this.

Because not only is Watercolours (aka Chelsea Metcalf) a talented megababe, but she's releasing her latest video 'Pazzida' at Flagship. Join us for some refreshing Rekorderlig Cider, Karma Cola and Grolsch Beer, talented people and to hear some amazing dream pop.

"I've been quiet and toiling and now i'm starting to pound the ground to a rumble. this is the first recorded song i've let people hear in a good long while and the sweet folk at FLAGSHIP are helping me make a to-do of it." - Watercolours

Entry is free!
6:00pm - Doors open
7:30pm - Space Ventura

FLAGSHIP - 574 Great North Road, Grey Lynn.

Image supplied.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

If you can't handle leaving the house you can still look cute while you hibernate

We all have those days when can't even face going outside for whatever reason - be it the symptoms of the silly season, embracing leisure as a full time occupation, or having a standard internal meltdown. Rather than looking like a hot mess, you can indulge your hibernation urge whilst still looking relatively chic and without having to venture too far into Grey Gardens territory (unless you want to - which is fine, because the Beales are damn stylish ladies). I'm all about it - look relatively stylish whilst drinking bloody mary's and watching Christmas movies.

This sentiment is shared by several local designers like Kate Sylvester and Sherie Muijs, who have kindly released suitable pieces just in time for swanning around your abode in summer doing sweet f-all. Kate Sylvester continues her wearable-pyjamas strand of thought (remember that amazing satin set from her spring collection) by adding another set in her high summer range - this time in a light cotton and a neutral print. Naturally you can wear this set together or separate - but I definitely think the latter is by far the best choice. 

Birdseye PJ Set by Kate Sylvester $195.

Likewise Sherie Muijs has expanded her line of shirting to include an exclusive collaboration with Simon James Concept Store in the form of the perfect summer nightshirt. Sherie and I talked about this shirt over coffee and speculaas one day - particularly all the design decisions she made to ensure it was as comfortable for sleeping as possible. I want this shirt, and I'm not going to pretend like I wouldn't wear it both day and night.

Shirt No.7 by Sherie Muijs $245.
Exclusive to Simon James Concept Store (Herne Bay) & Simon James at The Department Store (Takapuna).

Monday, December 10, 2012

Book Club: with Zoe Walker

It's time to sit down with self confessed bookworm and Dahl enthusiast Zoe Walker of NZ Herald's Viva for her instalment of Book Club. I've been looking forward to this one, as Walker is one of our best local fashion writers and literature so clearly shapes a huge part of her work, taste and who she is as a person.

What was the last book you read? 
I just finished Grace Coddington's memoir. It's great, very inspiring work wise, but she does brush over a lot of her personal story. Now I'm reading A Writer's Life by Gay Talese, and next on my list for summer is Tom Wolfe's new Back to Blood. I've also been on a Nora Ephron binge: Wallflower at the Orgy, I Remember Nothing, Heartburn, I Feel Bad about My Neck. She was a wonderful, hilarious writer - I love that she's scathing but not snarky.
Do you have a preferred genre? 
I go through phases. Right now I'm really into essay collections, before it was royal biographies. I went through a phase a few years ago when my goal was to read all 'the classics' - inspired by Rory's Book Club, this list of must-read books that The WB had on their Gilmore Girls website. I didn't get very far through the list, but would love to try again. [FYI the list is here:]

Sartorially speaking, do you have a favourite book or character? 
Not so much a favourite book or character, but you can tell when a writer is interested in the power of dress. I do like Jo March's 'scribbling suit' (Little Women), Tom Wolfe's Social X-rays (The Bonfire of the Vanities), most characters from Truman Capote and Jeffrey Eugenides (one of my favourite authors). I'm not a fan of Bret Easton Ellis, but I can appreciate his obsessive focus on style and fashion, in American Psycho especially.
Are there any books that have informed your personal style? 
Probably Madeline. All those Peter Pan collars...
Likewise with your work? 
Yes, reading is essential for a writer. We read so much online now, half the time not even reading it properly, that it's important to stop, sit down and actually read something with a considered structure, narrative, character development etc. Reading also helps me when I'm feeling uninspired or have writer's block. Although sometimes it can make matters worse to read something by an amazing writer! I felt inspired and intimidated after reading Gay Talese's Frank Sinatra has a Cold and Other Essays. He is an incredible writer! Jaw droppingly good. From a fashion point of view, I like to dip in and out of D.V. by Diana Vreeland and The Penguin Book of 20th-Century Fashion Writing edited by Judith Watt. The Beautiful Fall by Alicia Drake is a good fashion 'read'. My first editor told me that every fashion writer should own a copy of The Fairchild Dictionary of Fashion; I'm glad I took her advice. I have a ridiculous number of coffee table fashion books too, but I sometimes find them a little pointless - they are beautiful, but I rarely sit down and look at them properly, let alone read them...

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Outfit Documentation: Thursday 6th November

Things have been quiet on the blog this week sorry, I've been in Sydney for the past few days with Katherine and Sophie thanks to Boohoo. I picked up this romper while there, and it ticks so many boxes - short and cute without being too young (the blackwatch tartan solves that issue). 

In Surry Hills wearing Topshop tartan playsuit, Trenery striped tshirt, sandals by Arrange Collective and Karen Walker sunglasses.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Approaches to the History Of Art

I can't get enough of this editorial from the Fall 12/13 issue of Berlin based magazine 032c. Featuring the luminous Edie Campbell as a believably ambivalent yet impeccably dressed student and sartorially dominated by amazing JW Anderson pieces and a multitude of turtlenecks and checkered print - it's my favourite kind of dressing for when the weather cools.