Friday, September 28, 2012

Rochas Spring 13 at PFW

Feminine and preppy and a little bit of Hamptons nostalgia with those silk polo shirts and cropped button-ups and those red red lips.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Beauty with Danika and Isabelle for Fixy

A couple of months ago I spent a rainy sunday styling this shoot for the relatively new beauty website Fixy. Shot by Charlie McKay, the gorgeous Isabelle and Danika from N Model Management channel retro beauty looks.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I got to pick my favorite spring looks for Glassons' Style Keeper

When confronted with the whole spring and summer ranges from Glassons (dropping in stores over the next few months) to chose from for my guest edit for their blog Style Keeper, I went with a "what would I wear?" approach and "what could be thrashed for spring?". So all denim-on-denim rather than precious fabrics. I'm still loving this double-denim thing, it's nice in classic blues but also so fresh in whites and the palest of pinks.

Jil Sander Spring 13

Jil Sander's first womenswear collection since her return to her namesake house. Sander herself referred to the collection as reduction rather than minimalism. 

The first third to half of the show was my favourite (the end skewed more to a mod-ishk, retrofuturistic thing). Maroons paired with white is one of my favourite colour combinations - both warm and crisp. And it worked especially well here. Also when joined by a vibrant red. Sander also paired white with the perfect shade of cream in a look featuring a beautiful sleevless coat. Pocket shapes were really cool, elongated and oversized patch pockets with elevated flaps - creating a structured hip shape on many of the dresses. I also loved the boxy leather bags - and the elegant gesture of holding them.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Four Eyesed at NZFW

I got Four-Eyesed on the first day of New Zealand Fashion Week a couple of weeks back. I wore these shoes every single day that week, because comfort comes first. And you can't go wrong with New Balance. Or head-to-toe paisley right? Both pieces are from Kate Sylvester's spring range. And that Saben leather back pack saved my life - it fits everything you could want and more.

Image source: Four Eyes

Makeup Monday: Kester Black does a great Tiffany Blue nailpolish

Because those shades of soft blue will never not appeal, and blues in general are my favorite shade for nails. Also, Kester Black's polish is free from toluene, DBP and formaldehyde - so it's gentle on your nails.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Christopher Kane Spring 13 at LFW

Frankenstein's monster, but damn she's pretty. Brilliantly weird plastic screws holding coats and dresses together. Christopher Kane's padded outerwear is far cooler than anything from a mental ward. Lace and jewel embellishments stuck on to silk organza with what looks like duct tape (no scissors allowed, naturally) evocative of an institutionalised prom night. Far from being dark, this was all executed in clinical whites and the sweetest sickly shades of baby pink and lemon yellow. 

Book Club: with Twenty-Seven Names

I don't trust people who don't read. If there's no books in your bedroom I'm instantly suspicious. And a Kindle doesn't count either. Books have always been a hugely informative part of my life and I always seem to connect with people who are similar. Nothing is more exciting than discovering a mutual love for an author or novel. And refreshingly it's something that isn't often all over someone's Facebook or Twitter - reading habits still have a sense of privacy due to the nature of the activity.

So I've decided to do a new series on the blog, a Book Club if you will. With many of my favorite and and most fascinating people talking about their favourite books and how they have informed and shaped them and their work. First up are Rachel Easting and Anjali Stewart, the designers from Twenty-Seven Names. The recent collection they showed at NZFW was inspired by Jeffrey Eugenides recent novel 'The Marriage Plot'.

What was the last book you read? 
Rachel: The Marriage Plot - Jeffery Eugenides
What are your favorite books? 
Anjali: A Suitable Boy - Vikram Seth, Middle Sex - Jeffrey Eugenides, The Beauty Myth - Naomi Wolf, Harry Potter 1-7: number 4 is my favorite - J.K Rowling, A Long Walk to Freedom - Nelson Mandela, Riders - Jilly Cooper....
Do you have a preferred genre? 
R: No, but I'm not into mysteries/crime/horror. I do like non-fiction quite a lot too.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Number #136 - Kel

This is all so good. Suits on ladies (and checked at that), coats over the shoulders (because you obviously shouldn't need to do anything but walk around and use your iPhone) and leopard print worthy of Mrs Robinson. And everything is better with loafers or New Balance.

This is how awesome that floral from Juliette Hogan's Fall 13 collection is up close.

I know I put this on my Instagram yesterday (it's Emmagleason if you want to follow) but I'm so enamored with this textile that I felt like it was worthy of a whole post. I'd seen this on the runway at Juliette Hogan's Fashion Week show and in the lookbook recently and thought "Oh, nice floral, yeah" but it wasn't until I went to Juliette's workroom yesterday to have a good look at the range that I realised how mind-blowing it was up close. It's a cross-stitched silk tapestry floral, textured and luminous. The embroidery gives a sturdiness and density - so the pieces are far from being lightweight and saccharine florals. I really really want the trousers. It doesn't get better than tapestry trousers.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

NZFW iPhone Diary: Dan Ahwa

No one writes a more hilarious, dry captions than Dan Ahwa - stylist, Canvas Fashion Editor and owner of great shoes and parkas. I promise if you read every caption in this post it is so worth it. Dan worked with Salasai and Twenty-Seven Names at New Zealand Fashion Week, and they were some of  the best shows of the week.

Dasha @ Vanity Walk  Exit #18. She gives good snooty face, which was perfect for the show.

The Row Spring 13 at NYFW

The Row never fails to be the high point of every season for me. It transcends my decade long obsession with the Olsen sisters - standing on its own as one of the few design houses doing something truly amazing. As always, the fall collection is an exercise in continuity, clarity and precision of design. Impeccably tailored as usual, and always with elements of unashamed romanticism. A constant reminder of the kind of woman you would love to be - painfully elegant, confidently restrained and swathed in ivory silk.

NZFW Wishlist: Ingrid Starnes

These fitted tweed trousers were all anyone could talk about after Ingrid Starnes' fall show at NZFW the other week. And with good reason.  Tweed rarely has sex appeal, but these pants that appeared in a few incarnations had it in spades. Particularly lovely paired with a slim turtleneck. Channel a wayward Mitford sister and you're on the right track.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Makeup Monday: BB Baby

If there's one beauty product that changed my life this year and I constantly recommend to everyone, it's BB Cream. It lives in the foundation family but it's so much more than a standard foundation. It's generally known as a "skin perfector" because to be honest, that's what it does. I keep forcing my friends to buy it - I'm that obsessed.

Not only does it provide the light, even coverage of a good foundation - it's super translucent and adopts your own skin tone (most BB creams only come in a couple of colours because that's all you need). Which means that if you're lazy like me, application is a dream; I just rub a small amount all over my face and it blends seamlessly and so quickly. It does this amazing radiant, glow-y thing and evens out the whole texture - which is great if you're no longer a pore-less eighteen year old. It's also super hydrating, which is amazing if you have dry skin like mine (which is particularly dehydrated at the moment).

It also has crazy skin-healing properties. I don't know how it does it (and I'd google it if it wasn't 11:41pm and I wasn't trying to finish this post before Monday is over) but since it was originally invented in Germany for patients recovering from cosmetic procedures like skin peels, it kind of makes sense.

Garnier BB Cream - Miracle Skin Perfector

Giveaway with

Mishka Boutique launched online recently recently - stocking many of the top labels from Australia like Josh Goot and Ellery (!!) and with free shipping throughout New Zealand. 

Camilla And Marc top, Ellery sunglasses, Rachael Ruddick bag and Maurie & Eve trousers.

To celebrate it's launch, one lucky reader will win a Rachael Ruddick ring and a Mishka Candle. To enter, tell me in the comments who your favorite designer stocked by Mishka Boutique is - I'm particularly excited by Ellery but there are so many others too. Entries close next Friday.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Dion Lee Spring 13 at LFW

Minimal and monochromatic but far from boring and clinical. Dion Lee's whites were my favourite part of his spring collection. Expensive and high maintenance looking but with some midriff action from those athletic crop tops. Honourable mentions go to the sassy yet ladylike stiletto choice.

Friday, September 14, 2012

NZFW Wishlist: Zambesi

I'm a trouser girl, wearing them far more than I ever do dresses or skirts. Something about the functionality and freedom of movement I guess - and no wind anxiety. The pants in Zambesi's fall collection that we saw last week were some of my favourite pieces. Particularly the gingham. I'm also rather enamoured with the loose, cropped sequinned pair - almost like super-luxe pyjama pants.

Montage created on my Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

Thursday, September 13, 2012

DKNY Spring 13 at NYFW

To my surprise, I really liked DKNY this season. Athletic and nineties, it feels like a young, off-duty Christy Turlington in a New York summer. Off to yoga in her cap or out for dinner in a white suit.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

First Look: Backstage at Karen Walker NYFW

Cute girls being super cute backstage at Karen Walker's spring show. I need those loafers and those trousers. Read my whole post on the show here.

Karen Walker Spring 13 at NYFW "Fantastique Magnifique"

Karen Walker showed her spring collection yesterday at New York Fashion Week, as she has done for many years now. Nods to sixties nostalgia, the Space Race and the retro-futurism of The Jetsons appeared in the charmingly naive prints, swingy silhouettes and peter-pan collars. 

This is my favourite Karen Walker collection in a long time, particularly I think because it is evocative of some of her archival collections - I admittedly have a lot of nostalgia for past collections by Walker, as I've been a customer since I was a teenager. The trouser shape (high waisted, loose legged) in particular is an old favourite of mine and one that we haven't seen from Walker and several seasons. But to my delight it's back this season, and it appeared both long and at a floodwater length (the latter being especially fresh). 

Also so fresh are the suits-for-girls. Far from corporate, they came in a burnt orangey-mustard, polka dots and star print chambray - so clearly more suited to play than work. Knitwear is another thing I always love from Karen, and there are some sweet, soft options here. Channel your inner sweater girl (we all have one - she loves red lipstick and look-at-me bras) with the polk dots and the fitted turtlenecks. All are short sleeved and ideal for spring and summer (I wear lightweight cashmere all year round) although I'm sure there will be longer versions for the Southern Hemisphere range.

Oh and we have to talk about the shoes - another successful collaboration with Beau Coops. Solid, high-vamp loafers have never looked so good. And the colour choices are fantastic. Loafers are one of my shoes-of-choice and I've been needing a second pair. Why get another pair of boring brown when I can do blue and white? And nothing grounds a look better than a strong flat shoe.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

NZFW Wishlist: Juliette Hogan

This quilted jacket that came in floral and a polka dot was my favourite piece from Juliette Hogan's fall collection. It has the endearing, nostalgic air of a house-jacket - evocative of brittle, unfulfilled 50s housewives. And imagine how great it would look with a turtleneck.

Montage created on my Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

JW ANDERSON x TOPSHOP needs to get in my life

After months and months of waiting, the JW Anderson and Topshop collaboration debuts online friday morning (UK time). Anderson has been one of my favorite designers since his first collection - consistently pushing boundaries and exploring progressive shapes and textiles. And always with a sense of humour - referencing packaging, bad taste and the colour palettes of fast-food chains .

The collaboration features JW Anderson signature pieces like pleated skirts, quilting, paisley prints and tartans - all layered in the inimitable Anderson way. Skirts over trousers have never looked this good. 
I need to somehow find some money by Friday to get some of this in my life. I want that quilted paisley top, or the tartan. And those loafers are pretty perfect.

NZFW: Juliette Hogan's show playlist by Charlotte Ryan

The soundtrack at Juliette Hogan is always one of the best at Fashion Week, and with good reason - bFM "Morning Glory" presenter (and woman with the nicest voice on radio) Charlotte Ryan has worked with Hogan on the soundtrack for the past five years. Ryan was kind enough to divulge the tracklist (no need to Shazam it during the show) and talk a little bit about the mood they wanted to create.

Juliette Hogan initially showed me the fabrics she was working with - then the finished collection - I was kept in the loop throughout to get a good vibe of what music would work well. We wanted the music to be rock n roll - the type of music a cool girl would be listening to on her ipod while catching the train in NY. Its the 5th year I have worked with Juliette Hogan on her music for NZ Fashion Week.

Collapsing Cities - Regret
The Black Keys - 10 AM
Automatic Wooden Shjips - For So Long
Dr John - Locked Down Moon Duo - Sleep walker
Crystal Castles - Plague

Olivia Lefebre backstage at Juliette Hogan

Monday, September 10, 2012

Alexander Wang Spring 13 at NYFW

I haven't liked a spring Alexander Wang collection this much in a long time. After being perturbed for a few seasons, last fall's slick and shiny collection wooed me again. As did the spring show a day or two ago. Wang loves his blacks and whites (they are part of his brands code after all) and as usual they were the hue of his strongest pieces. White on white appeared several times - most successfully in the outfit below with a flimsy dress layered under summer-weight outerwear. Those flimsy dresses with floating panels (created with fishing line embroidery) were the stand out pieces. Both graphic and delicate, solid and flimsy - they were slutty in the best possible way. Wang referred to them as Tron-like. As always, the accessories are weird and wonderful - the ultimate in strappy heels and surprisingly luxe net bags. Probably not the best heels to take off quickly and elegantly at 2am, but damn do they look good.

NZFW: Backstage Beauty at Stolen Girlfriends Club with Kiekie from MAC

All the tired but pretty girls backstage at Stolen Girlfriends Club last thursday night looked like digital mermaids with their wet hair and metallic eyes and icily contoured skin. MAC's Kiekie went over the look with me - definitely one of the most enviable of the week. And why match your nails with your lipstick when you can match them to your eye-makeup instead.

This Saben backpack saved my life at NZFW this year.

Here I am wrangling literal baggage on the first day of New Zealand Fashion Week. I couldn't have done it all without this leather backpack from Saben that fit everything I could possibly need. Fashion Week always has this appearance of being all glamor and heels and champagne and Fashion with a capital F - but the reality is far different. Between juggling laptops, phones, tablets and cameras and finding downtime between shows to write posts and running up and downstairs to get backstage there isn't much time for anything else. The best way to deal with all this is a good bag (like this one), good shoes (I wore my New Balance sneakers for three consecutive days - don't judge me) and lots of coffee. Oh and the lockers provided by MAC Cosmetics were a godsend as they are every year.

Photo by Brooke from Saben
I'm wearing all Kate Sylvester.

NZFW 2012: Salasai

Salasai opened day three of New Zealand Fashion Week with a collection by designer Kirsha Whitcher that explored a moneyed Western aesthetic. Think rich Dallas heiresses in head-to-toe linen with the glossiest wine red pouts possible. The styling by Dan Ahwa was perfect and on point, with light-handed elements like dried grass here and there, and a couple of cowboy hats (paired with ladylike headscarves of course).

One of the best parts of the show was probably the final walk through - as there were no outfit changes, you saw the whole collection in its entirety together on the catwalk. A rare thing, but something I wish we saw more often.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

NZFW iPhone Diary: Amber D from MAC

MAC Cosmetics dominated the makeup at New Zealand Fashion Week this year, as always. Their Senior Artist and all round awesome person Amber Dreadon was backstage at nearly every show and was the Key Artist for the likes of Zambesi, Twenty Seven Names and Ruby & Liam (among many more, also kindly doing some backstage interviews for me). She's currently en route to Thailand but found the time before she left to send me her photo diary of her busy week.

Flats to heels to flats to heels.....‏ [editors note: all Celine everything]

Derya at Liam - mac dipdown fluid line eye, pink opal pigment cheek highlight!‏

NZFW 2012: Stolen Girlfriends Club

The Stolen Girlfriends Club show walked on Thursday night - digital mermaids in a cavernous dark carpark illuminated by fluorescent bulbs on every pillar. Alongside them were the boys wearing the "Stolen" menswear line. My favourite pieces were the snake prints, the PVC and the fleecy caps.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

NZFW: Backstage Beauty at Twenty-Seven Names and Ingrid Starnes with MAC's Amber D

The best thing for a morning show is dewy, fresh faced makeup. It always feels so appropriate. The "Blue Sky" show on Wednesday morning featured two incarnations of this; the girls at Twenty-Seven Names had the clear, fresh beauty of an Austen heroine, and for Ingrid Starnes they were swiftly turned into rosy-lipped homages to a young Judy Garland.


"90's Sea Punk" beauty by MAC at Riddle Me This

One of the coolest beauty look of the week was at Riddle Me This. Pink hair for the blondes, green for the brunettes with nineties-fairy-on-acid makeup that even included strategically placed gems. All of which complimented the collection perfectly.


Friday, September 7, 2012

NZFW iPhone Diary: Anna-Lise from Showroom 22

The lovely, talented and always impeccably dressed Anna-Lise Sharma from Showroom 22 spent her week running around the New Zealand Fashion Week venue organising backstage and seating guests at shows like Ruby & Liam, Juliette Hogan and Twenty-Seven Names; never with a hair out of place and always in heels. She took the time to document her week for me, and the results are below.

Our awesome intern, Kyle and I.

NZFW 2012: Backstage at Stolen Girlfriends Club

All the girls backstage at last nights Stolen Girlfriends Club show looking like digital mermaids (and there were some boys too) enjoying slices of pizza at the near-end of a long week. In related news, Rosie and Derya always dominate that model-off-duty style.


Model mates: Rosie and Derya