Friday, June 29, 2012

I love being on time.

So naturally I love watches. Even though we all use our iPhones half the time to check the time, I still feel absolutely naked and helpless when not wearing a watch. So much so that for the past six months I've been wearing an old Citizen of my mothers that doesn't even work, purely so my wrist has some thing on it. Yesterday I was lucky enough to get my hands on one of the recently released watches by local menswear label I Love Ugly when I went to have a look at the new store fit-out and have a chat about branding, menswear, cohesion and party shirts. All whilst trying not to pass out from the pain in my foot (cellulitis, not cute) that has had me unproductively on the couch nearly all week (hence the limited blogging).

Speaking of hibernating, you'd have had to be living under a rock not to have noticed the overwhelming dominance of I Love Ugly in dressing Auckland's young men this past year. I've been at parties or bars where I can count on at least three hands all the printed shirts or Zespy pants I can see. Not to mention five-panel caps. What the brand is doing clearly resonates with young men (ease, price point, style). 

Back to the store, which you should check out this weekend if you're in Auckland. The industrial design that features in the new store fit out explores sophisticated simplicity and cohesion - designed and made in-house by ILU's branding man Mo Kheir, head designer Valentin Ozich and Jordon Saunders. Definitely stop by 11 Mt Eden Road and have a look at the new store, and the watches. Because gentlemen, nothing is cooler than a not needing a phone to tell the time. Hold your drink in your watch hand this weekend and see what happens.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Marni Spring 13 Menswear

One of my favorite of the spring menswear collections so far is Marni, as usual showing so many of the others how it's done. 

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Outfit Documentation: Monday 25th June

Everyone has a few pieces in their wardrobe that are constant go-tos when you can't seem to dress yourself in the morning, or nothing fits right, or you're just feeling jaded. For me, it always seems to be this pair of trousers by Karen Walker that I've had for years that always make me feel somewhat okay with life. Vaguely cheerful and they always fit - regardless of what size I think my ass is at the moment. Not to mention they are supremely comfortable. What do you reach for when all else is failing you?

In related news, I can't stop wearing this forest green turtleneck that I got for about $1.50 recently. Great colour and great texture. Deep green and navy make such a good combination, regardless of antiquated fashion rules.

What I'm wearing:
- Karen Walker boat pants and sunglasses
- Shrunken ribbed turtleneck from a thrift store
- Deadly Ponies bag
- Country Road suede flats

Rochas Resort 13

Perfect, matchy-matchy pseudo-pyjama dressing from Rochas for resort. Thoroughly feminine and ladylike without being saccharine or too girly. I can easily imagine dressing like this all summer. Essentially proving you can look all delicate and ladylike whilst still running around in practical trousers and shorts. Just maybe don't drink any black coffee, just in case.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

If you want bargain loafers right now, totally buy these.

Because they look good, are 100% leather and are only £20.00! Topshop know how to do a sale. I wear flat shoes literally 99% of the time (the remaining 1% is for stilettos, obv) and rotate between converse, leather loafers and black ballet flats - with the rare boot thrown in. Loafers being my particular go-to option for when I need to look remotely pulled together. Or am wearing something uber-casual and need to pretend I'm a functional adult. Or just when running late and don't have time to find socks or lace anything up. Not to mention they look all cute and preppy with hosiery for winter.

Image Source: Topshop

Do you wear flat shoes? What is your flat of choice and why? Or are you one of those enviable goddesses who can wear heels all day every day? Because if you are I hate you but I totally love you.

Jil's Back: Jil Sander Menswear Spring 13

A frequent point of discussion amongst my friends and I (most of us studied fashion design together) is what we could expect to see in the upcoming few seasons after all that designer upheaval of a few months ago - namely, Raf-to-Dior, Jil-back-to-Jil, Hedi-at-YSL (which is now Saint Laurent apparently) and Karl-must-be-messing-with-us-right.

Since I was, incidentally, not doing a thing lastnight except being listless and marginally jaded, I made a point of hovering around the computer to see Jil Sander's latest collection back at the reigns of her namesake house and then calling Jack afterwards to debrief (and discuss Ancient Aliens and the pyramids, of course). My first reaction was "nice, meh". Because it was nice, in that classically Jil, minimalistic way. I think the creamy beige looks that finished were my favorites - along with the navy double-breasted opening looks and a really nice khaki green and a yellow that appeared in some outerwear.

A decent chunk of the looks still felt very Raf - the strong blue coats and the cut of the shorts to be specific. However it's not surprising, and the gradual transition between the designers is more palatable than a dramatic clean slate would have been.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Alexander Wang Resort 13

This is the Alexander Wang I love best. Black and white. Expensive knits with slutty backs. Dirty hair. Puffer vests. Leather. Trousers that say you're still a functional adult even though you're not wearing a bra.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Today we got to play DIY Lookbook with Zambesi's Spring collection.

Usually when you see a new collection from a local designer it happens in a number of expected, standard (and admittedly successful formats). There's the lookbook; both hard copy (always nice to flick through) and pdf (super useful if you're a blogger). There's also a rail of clothes to peruse through - always good to see fabrics and details up close. Not to mention one of the most immediate and concise ways to view a collection is as a whole, hanging on a rail. Sometimes if you are lucky or its New Zealand Fashion Week time you even get a runway show. All of which are good and well but not necessarily interactive. Here is where Zambesi got different for spring.

This afternoon we arrived at the iconic and soon-to-be-closed Vulcan Lane store (it has been replaced by the Tyler Street store in Britomart) to find a cyclorama set up in the old menswear area upstairs surrounded by rails of the latest collection. Widika and Andrey were there to do the modeling honors and be dressed in outfits of our choice as we got all DIY lookbook with the spring range. It was not only a fantastic way to see garments and looks of your choosing on, it was also great with regards to creating some spontaneous and relatively individual imagery. Not to mention it's hard to achieve that level of interaction and involvement with a collection whilst maintaining its ethos and aesthetic.
I'd already seen this collection a few times so I already new that it featured camo-print, suiting, polka dots and lace. So I used this opportunity to see some of my favorite pieces together.

I'm still totally obsessed with pinstripes, navy being my particular poison. Thankfully Zambesi's spring collection has several excellent incarnations of it for men and women - both classic suiting and less traditional explorations like dresses and so forth. The problem with pinstripe is that it can so easily look too corporate and traditional - and is so often cut in broad, boxy, dated shapes. Thankfully this is not the case here. The women's jacket is probably my favorite piece in the whole collection - and is a slightly shrunken version of the mens single-buttoned jacket. Super flattering, obviously I had to try it on.

I've been wanting a suit (or some for thereof) for so so long now, and I feel like this jacket is the solution. Smart enough without being necessarily too corporate (I think the short body length and single button help) not to mention it's my absolute favorite kind of pinstripe. So Carolyn Bessette right now you guys! I could go the trouser route, but I think I'd rather get a more femme and marginally slutty with a matching miniskirt and channel everyones favorite rail-thin lawyer Ally McBeal. I'm kind of obsessed with that show all over again. Also realising that I was way too young when I watched it the first time round.

Camo print is a huge feature of the collection, in a red. Zambesi's version is an original screenprint - ever so slightly offset as all the best screenprints are. I love this head to toe - particularly that jumpsuit. It's a less expected offering of that kind of print and has some great flimsy straps happening. I love flimsy little straps on anything and everything.

The loafers (original Zambesi footwear, of which there's always a style or two each season) are so what I'm needing right now. Black! Flat! Sensible! Solid!

Widika has one of the best bobs I know. Seriously, hands down brunettes look a million times better than blondes with short hair. Be it a blunt bob or a short crop.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Widika for Britomart Scenezine

Along with Gunita and Bertie, Oliver Rose and I also shot Widika from Red 11 for the Britomart Scenezine looking super cute in sportswear from the likes of Nike, Zambesi, Macpac and more.

The Row Resort 13

As per always, a stunning collection that epitomises both the aspirational and the wearable. Obviously I love all the sharp ivory and black that The Row always does so well. But I also can't stop looking at the head to toe wine-purple looks. Not to mention the perfect shades of marigold that also appear. Trouser shapes are simple and perfect - with a slim, flat-fronted pair and also a looser leg-shape that has subtle piping down the side. And nothing needs to be said about the beautiful leather goods, except that I would probably give my first born for any of them.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Adidas Originals X Opening Ceremony

It's totally winter here now (suddenly in the past week). Regardless I'm still so into this bandana print swimsuits from the collaboration by Adidas Originals and Opening Ceremony. Not that I really do the beach much anyway, but these would be so awesome under strappy, flimsy silk dresses.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

You always need another Oxford Shirt

And today I added a pink one to the blue oxford I already have in my wardrobe. Pretty much the ultimate classic shirt for both men and women - not to mention the ultimate preppy item that transcends time and age. I was over at The Department Store today wandering around the mens section when I spotted this pink oxford shirt by Topman. Retailing at $65, it's a bargain for a good shirt. Incidentally it's also a great fit for girls - slim shoulders and with sleeves that are just the right length. Being a total girl I also really just kind of love pink. And what better way to wear pink than when dressed like a tomboy? Best paired with a v-necked sweater obviously. 

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Gunita and Bertie for Britomart Scenezine

I was lucky enough to be asked to style the fashion content for the latest issue of the Britomart Scenezine. Lensed by the lovely Oliver Rose, Gunita from N Models and Bertie from Nova do the honors as our chic, urban couple. Makeup is by Meggie at MAC Cosmetics and hair was done by Lydia at Ryder. Pretty damn pleased with how this turned out! Not to mention we all had such a fun day shooting. We managed to get this all done in high speed winds and before the heavens open and a storm came - great team effort. You can check out the whole issue online here or pick up a copy at any store or cafe down at Britomart.

Celine Resort 13

The resort collection from Celine was all about Philo reinforcing the codes she's created for the house and focusing on those already-iconic Celine pieces and silhouettes. Scarf prints appeared again (fanatsic wide silk trousers and navy and white), as did scarves themselves - tied with perfectly executed insouciance. Whites and ivorys are there, in both sheer silks and crisp white cottons. My favorite look is the cream suit - nothing says expensive and aloof like a spotless pale suit. The same textured fabric is paired with a crisp shirt for a subtle cream-on-white look. It's not all crisp and clinical though, some of my favorite pieces are covered in outsized polkadots - I never ever get tired of spots. Also, the perspex and snakeskin heels are amazing. Celine always makes me want to dress like an accomplished, functional adult all the time.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Proenza Schouler Resort 13

Crisper looks from Proenza Schouler's resort range. I'm really into the proportion and lengths of these first two looks - and particularly that neckline and strap detail of the black one. I also love the two trousers shapes.

Monday, June 11, 2012

US Harpers Bazaar June/July 2012

I really love this editorial. It's all the black and white business I love. Like turtlenecks. And oh so crisp whites. And girls in suits. And "I'm rich, don't touch me" white trousers. In related news, that is the best blonde bob I have seen in a long time.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Reed Krakoff Resort 13

It's still hard to believe that Reed Krakoff's namesake label is only a couple of yours old - it's collections have consistently been in my top ten every season since its inception. Coming off his recent win for best accessory designer at the CFDA awards this week, Krakoff's resort collection is now out - with Maria Bradley and Julia Nobis doing the honors. A soft take on that minimal, nude palette that Krakoff does well is there. But so is some fantastic colour - namely bright Penguin orange and a soft electric blue. The most dominant (and my favorite) shape from the collection is the calf length silhouette - featuring in both dresses, skirts and coats.

My favorite photo from the 2012 CFDA awards

Three of my all time favorite women - Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen with the iconic Lauren Hutton. The Olsens deservedly won the womenswear award for The Row. Hutton looks super fresh in head to toe white with Supergas (how few people could pull that off, let alone at the CFDAs) and the Olsens are wearing the Row. Mary Kate is a brunette now and it looks fantastic. Honorable mentions go to Ashley's foot-pop.
Image Source: The Fashion Spot

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

What I'm Wearing This Winter: with Felix Terpstra

Catching up with Felix for coffee or a bloody mary is always great and plenty of laughs. Terpstra is a software/web designer and does his model thing with 62 Models. He also wears a coat very well. And is the only person I know with five consonants in a row in his surname.
Felix is wearing a trenchcoat by Working Style over a vintage double breasted jacket, Ralph Lauren Polo oxford shirt and Topman trousers. His shoes are Nike Frees and his sunglasses are classic Rayban Clubmasters.

Ingrid Starnes & Tessuti Winner

Congratulations to Charlotte M-L for winning my Ingrid Starnes & Tessuti giveaway! Charlotte loved the Ida dress and the Rose lingerie set by Ingrid Starnes. She's also a fan (as am I) of the Missoni throws from Tessuti. Email me Charlotte! xx

Ps: Speaking of Ingrid Starnes, I'll be posting her beautiful new Spring collection this week!

Image Source: Ingrid Starnes

Monday, June 4, 2012

Beauty thing I never usually do: Pink Nails

I love nail polish - as any friends, readers or even strangers probably know. But whenever I put on pink nail polish I freak out and remove it by the end of the day - this has been happening since forever. I don't know if it's a weird thing with being a blonde "MUST NOT look too girly!!" or more an "must look adult" thing. Is this normal? Does this happen to anyone else? I don't even know. However! I stole-slash-borrowed this nailpolish from my mum - it's an O.P.I shade called "Pinking Of You" and is just the right side of the candy-spectrum to be sickly sweet in the best possible way. I will probably add some vampy red tips tomorrow though. In related news, who thinks up the O.P.I product names and how do you get that awesome job?

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Print on Print

Why wear a print in one garment when you can wear it in several? And it makes everything a whole lot easier when getting dressed right? Seriously though, I've been into of this print on print look for a quite some time now. There's something quite traditional and finished about it (I mean, hello Your Majesty, and happy jubilee!) not to mention a bit weird in a fantastic Grey Gardens way. It noticeably started popping up in the fashion sphere in that pseudo-pyjama dressing trend that started a couple of years ago. I like it best when it's a repeat-pattern and something somewhat traditional like a check or a paisley or a floral. 

There have been countless interpretations the past few seasons from likes of Prada, Jil Sander and J.W Anderson in the form of printed suits and layer over layer. Locally it's also popped up (particularly in the new spring collections) in floral at Salasai, paisley at Kate Sylvester (which I will 100% absolutely be getting and wearing head to toe) and little whales at Karen Walker. It's fun and cute and a great way to play with print - and most importantly, a look with confidence and a sense of humor.  Although there's obviously nothing stopping you from layering whatever prints you like on-top of one another - that's also fantastic, and for another blog post. How do you like to wear prints? Are you going to try this since there are so many matchy-matchy print looks around at the moment?

J. W. Anderson Spring 2012

Saturday, June 2, 2012

All my favorite pages from Lula's fourteenth issue

There aren't many magazines I buy, but the ones I do are filed chronologically in my bookshelf. Lula is, and always has been, one of them. The latest issue came out the other week and I spent my Friday night reading it. So many of the spring collections fit perfectly with that iconic Lula aesthetic - you know the Lula girl, cute and sweet and a bit weird. This issue has also dreamy, sullen prairie girls, 60s babes and some sassy jewellery.