Monday, April 30, 2012

Marc Jacobs, Perry Ellis, 1992 and Steven Meisel

This Meisel lensed Vogue editorial from 1992 features a great deal of Marc Jacobs' infamous grunge collection for Perry Ellis, not to mention Naomi Campbell and Kristen McMenamy and some perfect tartans.
Grunge & Glory by Steven Meisel 1992

Violet Lips: 'Heroine' by MAC

Friends and regular readers will know that I'm a bit of lipstick fiend, it being one of the makeup items I commit to wholeheartedly. I've been hunting for the perfect purple lipstick forever - because you know, it's one of those super important tasks you just have to achieve in life. I mentioned last week that MAC had released two amazing purple shades in their latest "Reel Sexy" collection (fronted by the great Kirsten McMenamy). Naturally I got myself down to the MAC Pro store in Britomart this morning as soon as the collection hit counters and I'm glad I did. Called Heroine, this shade is basically the perfect purple. Rich, bold and flattering - not to mention a more unexpected alternative to red and pink. And just matte enough to be long lasting. I'm pretty sure this is all you'll be seeing me in for the next two weeks, and you should definitely get your hands on this before it sells out.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Need something to do for your Saturday?

If you're in Auckland today and need something to help fill up your saturday, come visit me at the inaugural Flagship Market Day! I'll be selling some trousers, vintage and fabric. Pop down to Grey Lynn and say hi!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Who won the Juliette Hogan giveaway?

A few weeks ago I ran a competition for a prize pack to celebrate the relaunch of Juliette Hogan's website and online store. After two weeks and over 110 entries I drew the winner today, after hand folding every single comment...

Catherine's pick from Juliette Hogan's online store was the Adalyn dress from the winter collection, best seen in this painterly floral print above.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Backstage at Blue Sky

Since I had a relatively free Tuesday evening, I went to Blue Sky early to hang out and get a good look at the beauty and hair looks created by MAC Cosmetics and Stephen Marr respectively. Salasai was definitely the beauty standout, with textured hair and an amazing orange eye - seen here on the stunning Dasha (my favorite new face at the moment).
Dasha looking super cute as always, with that awesome Salasai makeup look by MAC.

Some of my favorite Salasai pieces - that pink and that floral.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Spring 12/13 at Blue Sky with Juliette Hogan, Salasai and Alexandra Owen

Last night spring collections from local designers Juliette Hogan, Salasai and Alexandra Owen hit the runway at the inaugural 'Blue Sky' show presented by Showroom 22's Murray Bevan. Held at Australis House in the thriving Britomart precinct, the event saw everyone imaginable in the fashion industry attend - from media and stylists to bloggers, designers and PR. The spacious, wooden-floored location looked particularly beautiful with the fantastic floral arrangements created by Vida Concept that were evocative of the Sander show. It was so good to finally see local spring collections in a runway context and in such a great space. Casting was also spot on, with so many of my favorite faces walking - like Kelvin, Natalya, Widika, Dasha and Penny. Makeup was by MAC (with particularly awesome orange eyes for the Salasai show) and hair by Stephen Marr.

First to show was Alexandra Owen, who offset her tailored explorations with gathered textures and bright pops of colour. She was followed by Salasai's Kirsha Whitcher who showed one of her strongest and most developed collections to date. Classic Salasai yet a step in a more polished, clean direction - with fantastic colour (that pink!) and a really great original floral print. Juliette Hogan's spring collection closed the show and was also very strong, in Hogan's signature clean feminine way. 
Kelvin at Salasai

Blondes at Juliette Hogan

Outfit Documentation: Tuesday 24th April

Kept it super simple last night at Blue Sky - knitwear and a skirt is ladylike and easy. This jumper by Juliette Hogan is such a great shade of mustard with a high neck, it also comes in black and cream. Last night was also one of the rare occasions when I eschewed my usual converse to wear heels. With shoes, I have no middle ground - it's either converse/loafers or stilettos. I didn't anticipate being out until 1am however so by the time I got in a taxi to go home my feet were killing me. But worth it.

What I wore:
- Juliette Hogan jumper.
- Black and white check silk-tafetta skirt I made
- Topshop heels
- Deadly Ponies bag

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Jil Sander Fall 07

I love that this campaign is all about pseudo-twins in matching dark, restrained looks. Implied sibling dynamics are so visually intriguing, and the repetition works well with the minimal Sander look.

Foolproof Winged Eyeliner

This is totally turning into a makeup-orientated day on the blog. I wasn't originally planning to blog about this but after a bunch of twitter-responses I decided it was worth sharing. As much as I love the look of winged eyeliner I've always been incapable of nailing it - always to flicked, or asymmetric or mis-angeled.  Every attempt ended up in my wiping it off in frustration and rolling with a bare eye and red lipstick instead. So yesterday when I was on a shoot with the lovely and super-talented Amber D from MAC Cosmetics, I asked her for tips on how to do a cats-eye without the usual angst and failure. 

Turns out there's only one tip and it's super easy. Instead of applying it with your eyes closed (as I had been) start with the eye open and lightly draw the wing where you want it, before closing the eye and completing the line to the lid. Ridiculously easy solution really. I used MAC's Penultimate Eyeliner but I really want to get some Fluidline next time I'm in store - which, as I mentioned earlier today, will probably be Monday morning.

Beauty Crush: Purple Lips

When it comes to makeup, I'm a diehard lipstick girl. Although I love a fantastic base and a strong brow, I always like to invest most of the look in a bold lipstick. My current rotation is the bright Lady Danger red by MAC and their intense pink Candy Yum Yum. Both finish the face like nothing else and are vibrant enough to be work day or night without looking over done. The beauty of a bold lip is that the rest of the face can be left relatively bare - which is fantastic if you're in a rush like I usually am, or having a long day and your face needs brightening up.

Lately I've been somewhat obsessed with strong purple lips - not as sassy as red or cute as pink. And just weird enough. It's kind of perfect timing because the newest collection from MAC cosmetics "Reel Sexy" features two of the most perfect purple lipsticks ever - Heroine and Pink Popcorn. The collection hits counters on Monday the 30th, and trust me I will be there at 10am to get these two. See you there!
Armani Prive Spring 11 Couture

Left to right: Heroine & Pink Popcorn

Monday, April 23, 2012

Shopping Guide: Sherie Muijs at Room 228

Sorry for the blogging absence the past few days, I was shooting all day today and this weekend was hectic like nothing else. Mostly because of the Bad Girls Club frat party I went to on saturday night at Flagship. It was amazing, best party I've been to in so long. Those guys know how to produce a great night out. I may or may not have been in a cheerleader's uniform. Just your average weekend.

One of the more civilised and productive things I did over the course of the weekend was check out Sherie Muijs' new retail space in Room 228 on Jervois Road. Room 228 is behind the fantastic Zus & Zo cafe in Herne Bay - go through the cafe and it's down the back in a lovely, high-ceilinged villa room. The space stocks Muijs' current shirting range that I've written about quite frequently lately, as well as some select archival pieces like the famous mustard trousers. 

Room 228 is open Thursday to Sunday from 10am-3pm. Sherie herself will be in store on Saturdays so stop by for a coffee and a look through the range. The pumpkin shirts are still my favorite.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Kirsten McMenamy for Prada 1995

A bare face with dark wine lips, matching nails and ivory outfit is one of my favorite looks at the moment. This Prada campaign is a perfect example. My favorite lipsticks for this are MAC's Diva lipstick and Pro Longwear in Faithfully Yours. Or, if you want to get really #dark try Cyber.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Preview: Juliette Hogan Spring 12/13 at Blue Sky

Juliette Hogan one of my go to local designers for considered, elegant and relaxed clothing - be it her knitwear, silk dresses or fantastic trousers and coats. Her clothing transcends age and is a dream to wear. She's also so incredibly down to earth and fun to have a yarn with - attributes that I thank come across in her collections. Hogan will be presenting her spring collection this tuesday night at Blue Sky, but in the meantime I got to have a look at the collection (admittedly my second look) that we'll be seeing next week.

What are you exploring with your collection for this Spring? 
 I am really excited about this collection, I think it’s my best yet. Its loosely nautically themed but more about the feeling of enjoying champagne on a deck and listening to Yacht Rock (the collections name sake), ‘so bad they’re good’ smooth tunes from the 70’s and 80’s. 
How do your spring collections differ from your winter collections (other than the obvious seasonal, practical differences)? Do you explore different ideas or moods? 
Every collection needs to be new and different I think this one in particular marks a shift in my ascetic but not so far removed that I loose who the JHo girl is. Summer is a little more delicate in the choice of fabrics – floaty silk georgettes, drapey crepe de chines and cotton based laces. Whereas for winter you can have a much darker and heavy approach to the fabrications chosen.

Juliette's Spring 12/13 range

Are there any exciting fabrics or exclusive prints in the range? 
 We designed our beautiful animal print silk - it’s a continuation from the leopard silk that has sold so well through winter. I think its even more sophisticated and a looser interpretation of the idea abstractly reference animal, interpreted in a graphic and new way. We also developed our own polka dot, and have confined a couple of textures and cotton prints for our use exclusively.
Do you have any particular favourite pieces from the new range?
 I love the drawstring pants in the black and oyster, they feel like you’re wearing next to nothing. I’m loving wearing more pants at the moment. They are just so easy to wear. Paired back with a v neck cashmere sweater and a pair of chucks they are my perfect go to outfit.

Storyboard in the workroom

Jil Sander 1996 feat Guinevere van Seenus

Another from the archives. I love the turtlenecks (still somewhat obsessed with those since early last year - such an awesome silhouette and subtext) and the shirtdress. And that hair.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Preview: Alexandra Owen Spring 12/13 at Blue Sky

Alexandra Owen is another local designer who will be presenting her spring range this coming tuesday night at the Blue Sky spring show. It will be the first time Owen has shown a collection on the runway since 2010 (I was lucky enough to attend her last one) so it will be very exciting to see her range on the catwalk again. Her pieces always lend themselves especially well to catwalk as the dynamic shapes, clever pattern-making and intriguing textiles look so good in motion. Alexandra was kind enough to answer some questions about her collection and design process, as well as send some shots of her workroom and spring collection - which, from the looks of the garment rail in the background, I'm seriously looking forward to seeing on tuesday.

What are you exploring with your collection for this Spring? 
I’ve been working on creating texture out of simple fabrics. I’ve also been developing new cuts such as cubed shoulders, suspended sleeveheads, and contouring.
How do your spring collections differ from your winter collections (other than the obvious seasonal, practical differences)? Do you explore different ideas or moods?
Yes I try to be very cheerful and light in my approach to summer. Naturally everyone seems to be more carefree and celebrational with summer so I try to cater to that mood. I am also more daring with colour.

Are there any exciting fabrics or exclusive prints in the range? 
There is a particular tropical shade I am very excited about, its almost fluro and works like a good lipstick against the skin. This season I wanted to give the fabrics exclusivity through technique, so some of the fabrics have ended up looking very different from the way they were off the roll.
Do you have any particular favourite pieces from the new range? 
Every time a new one comes out of the sample room I am adamant it is my new favourite! I will say that I am very pleased with the cubed shoulder cut which I spent a long time developing.

Prada Spring 2000 Campaign

This is one of my favorite Prada campaigns. It's at the tail end of that iconic 90s Prada but before any of the more overt eccentricities of the later collections. I also love the clean, domestic setting and the relationship dynamic.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

In Store Now: Raf Simons Spring 12 at Zambesi

While I was at Zambesi yesterday morning with Oliver and Felix (shooting something that we will share with you soon) a box of brand new Raf Simons arrived. So of course I made sure I went back today with Glen to have a look once it was all on the shop floor. The pieces from the Spring 12 menswear collection include some amazing leather tops, cross-inset t-shirts and particularly this tartan coat. I can't even begin to explain how good this looks in person (runway shots and photos don't do it justice). The greens are so vibrant and the bias-cut check is so clever and graphic. It's also surprisingly elegant and looks good on girls. Get in store to have a look! Some more pieces that are in store are after the jump.

In other news, today I was doing the severe-hair, red lip, bare face thing. Naturally paired with a serious expression here. Because Raf is serious you guys.

Preview: Salasai Spring 12/13 at Blue Sky

Salasai designer Kirsha Whitcher recently moved to the sunny west coast of Australia, namely Perth. That hasn't decreased her visibility or success here however, with her winter collection experiencing a huge amount of coverage. Salasai is one of the local designers who will be presenting their full Spring 12/13 collections on the runway this coming tuesday night at Blue Sky. I had a quick chat with Kirsha about her spring collection, design process and how the label has been doing lately. 

What are you exploring with your collection for this Spring? 
 Colour and prints are big for us this season, introduction to our own hand drawn perennial pop art has been a lot of fun also the use of pink in a Salasai range for the first time is magic for us as well. 
How do your spring collections differ from your winter collections (other than the obvious seasonal, practical differences)? Do you explore different ideas or moods? 
Every season we stay true to our Salasai aesthetic but we like to explore and extend our boundaries keeping it fresh each season, this SS12/13 we have introduced some new form fitted shapes for women and classic shapes for men.

Are there any exciting fabrics or exclusive prints in the range? 
 Yes we worked with textile artist Tony to come up with a 70’s inspired perennial wall paper print, she spent time experimenting with space, size and colours involved in the floral print giving this print a new personality than florals of the past and with the black space surrounding each giant hand drawn flower she really did achieve the theme well. 
Do you have any particular favourite pieces from the new range? 
 Love Field Dress and I also love the Cerese Dead Garden Dress 
Are there any muses or reference points you find yourself returning to when you design? 
The idea to come up with the 70’s perennial wall paper print came from Sharon Stone’s epic performance in movie ‘Casino’ and as this print took on a life of its own, the range evolved into a fresh new encounter of modern minimalism.

One big long post on Celine's spring collection

Because, as usual, I can't get enough of it. The precision and shape of the spring range was so beautiful. As was the considered use of colour (red, wine and forest green) and the non-colour of tonal whites and ivories. The following is an assortment of imagery from the campaign, backstage and website.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Anticipating Autumn: with Amber D

Amber Dreadon is the ridiculously talented and supremely cool Senior Artist at MAC Cosmetics New Zealand. Not only is she inspiring, creative and knowledgeable with all things regarding makeup and beauty - she also possesses great taste and a fantastic wardrobe full of Margiela, Celine and more that she's picked up as she travels around the globe for the major fashion weeks as part of MAC's international team.

What aesthetic are you being drawn to with regards to your own wardrobe and way of dressing now cold weather is imminent? 
I always prefer cold weather anyway as it is so much easier to dress for winter! All I can think of are leather pants of all shapes and lengths, fisherman's knit sweaters and plain shirts or t-shirts - of course paired with incredible shoes. If it’s super cold it will be a Cocoon coat and sheepskin collar thrown in as well. I want to try and dress more
What pieces have you bought / want to buy for autumn/winter? 
I just purchased a couple of pairs of Celine Heels that I have been wearing non stop. Really simple but super chic – I’m a great believer in investing in key pieces rather than a zillion cheap items. As I work for MAC Cosmetics I have to wear black so I tend to want to play with texture and shape rather than print and colour as I love the idea but hardly ever get to wear it. (except in cray lipstick colours! MAC Nicki Minaj VIVA GLAM the new fave for winter!) I love (and want) Jimmy D's whole winter collection, the Lonely Hearts Leather Trousers, Ruby Stadium Ankle boots, Trelise Cooper Leather coated Lace top and skirt, and I recently got a great Acne black knit sweater from Opening Ceremony in LA to add to my black knit sweater collection!! I am also obsessed with the idea of wearing mechanics overalls when I work so I think the Zambesi version might work a good onesie. I really want the new Karen Walker cats eye sunglasses to add to my collection for winter as well.

Amber Valletta for Jil Sander Fall 1995

Another Jil Sander campaign from the archives. This time starring Amber Valletta.

Don't forget to enter my Juliette Hogan giveaway!

The winner will be announced on Friday. If you haven't entered already, go to this post and tell me in the comments (with your full name) what your favorite piece from Juliette Hogan's recently launched online store is.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Sherie Muijs: Shirt #2

Shirts by Sherie Muijs make up an important part of my wardrobe; I have a white, a pumpkin and a navy check on rotation at the moment and all get worn nearly once a week. Whenever I'm having a bad day, in a rush or having a neurotic melt-down about what to wear I end up throwing on some trousers and one of Muijs' shirts. Naturally I wear them on good days too of course - you look instantly pulled together and calm.

With so much tradition and history behind them and their place as a unisex, democratic garment they evoke a great deal when worn. It's also all these traditional details that set what seems like a simple shirt apart. Considered finishings, thoughtful details and high quality cotton are important - all of which are integral parts of Muijs' shirt range. This shirt is the Number Two; a collarless women's shirt with simple, clean details in that classic white cotton. The neckline facing is a particularly elegant finish for a women's shirt.

The following shots are all from the medium-format film roll that Oliver took when we were shooting Fabric's shirting range.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Jil Sander Spring 1996

I spent most of my afternoon yesterday trawling through the Jil Sander archives on the internet - the Jil years, the Raf years. The next few seasons will be intriguing, with Jil returning to her namesake house and Simons heading to Dior. This campaign from 1996 starring Guinevere van Seenus is one of my favorites.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Grey #6 "Ordinary Accidents"

Fainting spells, accidents, trips and spills - ladylike clothing has never looked so good. Accessorize with socks, red lipstick and a gentleman to help you up.

Pretend Shopping for accessories on Opening Ceremony

What's the best thing to do at 11:30 at night when you have about $1.20 in your bank account and have had a fragile, emotional day? Spend around an hour on the Opening Ceremony online store and write a list of what you would buy if you had an Amex, Money Tree or rich boyfriend. Of course. No, but seriously. I did that before bed last night - mostly after my friend Glen sent me the link to those Spring 12 Christopher Kane shoes on OC. You know, the infamous pool shoes. Because what else can make you feel better after an existential crisis and female meltdown than opinion-dividing metallic brocade nouveau-Tevas?


Thursday, April 12, 2012

In Store Now: Miss Crabb Classics

Most girls I know own a Miss Crabb dress of some shape or form - the considered femininity and surprisingly wearable nature of her famous silk dresses has earned her a legion of fans. I myself have the Sovereign dress in black and it's truly a pleasure to wear every single time. Luckily for us, Crabb has done some reissues of some of the most classic and popular dresses, all of which are in store now. Personally, I think I need to get my hands on the Autumnal - which is in store now in a rose pink and an amazing mustard colour. I went into Crabb today to look at the latter in particular and have a long talk about work and life with my friend Georgia up in the workroom. One of those chats that makes you feel a lot better about life, especially when you've been having one of those average, fragile days like I'd been having. Likewise putting on a silk Miss Crabb dress makes you feel better about everything.


Finally: New Zealand Spring Collections on the local Runway

New Zealand possesses a small, close-knit and solid fashion industry. The resources and size of which means that we have one fashion week a year, usually around September, and aimed at showcasing the Winter collections that will hit stores the following year. NZFW always does well when it comes to exposure and media coverage of the designers that showcase which, given our small population and even smaller industry, has a decent of impact on PR and sales. However the emphasis on winter collections every year means that the spring ranges often pass by more quietly, especially when it comes to the general public. Brands' social media like Twitter and Facebook have been instrumental in increasing coverage and dialogue with the consumer. Similarly blogs both local and overseas can cause viral exposure for a designer's range, such as the Spring collection from twenty-seven names a few years ago that featured a small army of fresh-faced models and spread like wildfire across blogs and Tumblr.

Juliette Hogan's spring campaign image.

However nothing really competes with the impact a runway show can have on a brand's visibility and the subsequent success of the collection they show. So all this is going to change soon at the spring end of the calendar with the launch of a runway event to present spring collections from a select handful of local designers.

Entitled 'Blue Sky' - a name evocative of spring, new beginnings and optimism - and scheduled for Tuesday 24th of April the event is pioneered by Showroom 22 as a platform to counter-balance the priority given to winter collections and to give exposure to spring ranges. Unlike NZFW and NZ Fashion Festival, Blue Sky is strictly for trade buyers and media, with the focus being on successful exposure and sell-through rather than including the public in the fashion show experience - a move which I think is very clever and goes back to the traditional purpose of runway shows. The inaugural event of what is hopefully an annual occurrence will showcase three local designers - Alexandra Owen, Salasai and Juliette Hogan. Although all are in the Showroom 22 stable, Blue Sky is an event in its own right and will hopefully, in the future, grow to include a spectrum of other labels. With all the local designers like Kate Sylvester and Stolen Girlfriends Club who usually show at Australian Fashion Week opting out of that event this year for various reasons, it will be interesting to see what support and growth a spring show on home turf will have. It has the potential to be a highly successful and viable option for labels wanting to showcase their spring ranges to media and buyers, not to mention increased public exposure.

With hair and beauty by Stephen Marr and M.A.C cosmetics (who do the lion's share of shows at NZFW, not to mention countless local campaigns and editorials), each designer will have its own unique look. Hosted by Britomart's distinguished and successful Nathan Club and Australis House, the show will be situated in the downtown hub that is experiencing incredible growth, popularity and a rising fashion presence - especially now that stores like Zambesi, World and Kate Sylvester have opened their doors on Tyler Street. The Blue Sky event also coincides with the tenth birthday milestone of Murray Bevan's Showroom 22 - an anniversary that will no doubt be celebrated at the post-show party.

Stay tuned in the coming week or two - I have some exclusive interviews with the designers involved (Juliette Hogan, Alexandra Owen and Salasai's Kirsha Whitcher) about their spring collections and preparation for the show.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Wednesday Warmers: Stripes

Because stripes are fresh, clean and timeless. They can break up a plain, tonal outfit or work back against other prints and colours - definitely my go to in those "what the hell to wear" meltdowns.

Evocative of crisp pajamas, these obviously don't need to necessarily be paired together. I love the idea of these pants with a big soft mohair jersey.

Juliette Hogan Online relaunched! And I have something for you.

Today sees the arrival of Juliette Hogan's revamped website - now also with an online store. The freshened up site has that considered, personal feel that is so inherent in Hogan's collections, store and image. The online store features a large selection of her current winter collection - which was one of the best I saw at fashion week last year and is still going strong. Click through for some of my favorite picks from the online store.
To celebrate the new website and online store, I've got a giveaway competition for readers! This lovely Juliette Hogan gift pack is valued at $300 and includes a leather wallet, notebook, pencil and $100 voucher. To win, simply tell me in the comments what your favorite piece from Hogan's online store is (with your full name). The winner will be announced Friday 30th April.

Need plans for this weekend?

Have some money gently burning a hole in your pocket? Want to get your paws on some timeless pieces that are locally made and a bargain of a price? Then get yourself down to Sherie Muijs' clearance sale this Saturday and Sunday in Mt Roskill. I have so many of Sherie's pieces and all are on never-ending high rotation. So I can vouch for their wearability and quality. Head along on the weekend and pick yourself up some great shirting, good trousers and if you're lucky - one of Muijs' famous raincoats.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tuesday Blues

Blue is undoubtedly my favorite colour, dominating the majority of my wardrobe and worn nearly every day. I'm currently favoring inky navy, indigo denim and over-dyed blues - a deeper, more intense part of the blue spectrum and one that lends itself to winter and looks so good in heavy cotton twills.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Beauty Queen

From proms to pageants and debutante balls, the iconic Beauty Queen embodies bittersweet nostalgia and the golden American Dream. Miss America's pulled from the Life Archives. The tragic Lisbon Sisters from Jeffrey Eugenides pen and Sofia Coppola's lens that go to their first and only Homecoming dance. The painfully beautiful exploration of femininity that was the recent spring couture from Valentino. Anonymous teenagers frozen in time during their prom. Equal parts unattainable and familiar, Johnny Cash describes her best. 
Miss America from the Life Archives

Live Through This by Hole

Kirsten Dunst and Josh Hartnett in The Virgin Suicides

Girls On Film: Hailee Steinfeld in True Grit

One of the things I did do this Easter weekend was finally watching True Grit lastnight. Naturally it has gone straight to my Favorite Movies Of All Time list. A superior remake of the John Wayne original that came out in 1969, it stars Jeff Bridges, Matt Damon and Barry Pepper (my favorite under-appreciated supporting actor ever). Best of all the fantastic Hailee Steinfeld as the protagonist Mattie Ross - vigilante heroine who travels into Indian Territory to avenge her fathers death. The costuming is pitch perfect, with Mattie opening the film in austere, restrained protestant dress (and those painfully neat plaits). She dons her late fathers trousers, hat and coat (all cinched in to fit her frame by a heavy men's belt) when she goes to avenge his murderer. Her few costume changes are sober, functional and dark in palette and feature a strong, arresting silhouette - reflecting her forthright manner, strong ethics and steely willpower.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

My favorite pages from "Linda McCartney: Life In Photographs"

I've had a bit of a blogging hiatus this week; instead spending time reading, sewing going on some long runs and chilling out. Also eating a ridiculous amount of pizza over the course of two days. One of the books I got through was Linda McCartney: Life in Photographs. I received this as a gift last year, but it for some reason it wasn't until now that I sat down and devoted an evening to it. The book spans McCartney's amazing life - from her years as a photographer for Rolling Stone magazine documenting the likes of Mick Jagger, Eric Clapton and Neil Young to capturing the idyl of her rural life with Paul McCartney and their young family.