Tuesday, February 28, 2012

LOVE "Nairobi" by Alice Hawkins

I'm not going to try and write about this stunning set of images by Alice Hawkins for Love magazine, between the setting, subjects and use of designer pieces it speaks for itself.

Details at Jil Sander Fall 12

Monday, February 27, 2012

Outfit Documentation: Sunday 26th February, guest starring Oliver Rose

The cocktail dress required at the opening party of the New Zealand Fashion Festival last night was naturally just an excuse to suit up and look like a pseudo power couple with my good friend, great plus one and photographer by trade Oliver Rose.

What I wore:
- Comme des Garcons jacket from Wunderkammer
- Vintage camisole
- Topshop heels
- Karen Walker sunglasses

Oliver is wearing a suit by Crane Brothers.
What we did:
- Had great apple mojitos in jars at Tyler Street Garage
- Went to the NZ Fashion Festival opening part at Shed 10
- Went to see the amazing Andrea Balency play at Golden Dawn. She's wonderful, and we got to see her play twice this weekend.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

MFW: Raf Simons' last collection for Jil Sander, Fall 12

Simons' final collection for Jil Sander explored the concept of the home and a day in the life of a relationship - capturing hope, comfort and vulnerability, as well as darkness and potential chaos. All of which evoked nostalgia for a decades past and a different kind of daily routine. The bulk of the collection was executed in a pale, romantic palette that echoed the glass-enclosed wildflowers of the set and was complemented by the jarringly beautiful gesture of the models holding their coats closed. These referenced the intimacy of the home environment - a vulnerability that was enforced further by the delicate palette, figure conscious silhouettes and nod to sleepwear. The last few looks of the show sat more alongside the dark, precise menswear collection that showed recently. 

The collection in itself is so moving in it's beauty and nostalgia - made even more so by the news a few days ago that this would be Raf Simons last collection for Jil Sander, with Sander herself returning to the house. Simons is, in my opinion, the best of our generation - what he has achieved at Jil Sander in the past seven years has been groundbreaking and a blessing to see. Hopefully the rumors of his new job at Dior are true, otherwise I pray he starts doing womenswear for his namesake label, it would be a tragedy otherwise.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

POP Spring/Summer 12 "Moon Dust Is Icing Sugar"

This shoot from the latest issue of Love takes the sweetness and crispness from the spring collections like Christopher Kane and Meadham Kirchoff and pushes the volume up to full. The result is a sticky and sweet, self aware, tongue-in-cheek exploration of saccharine girlyness. All with a decent nod to the 90s in both the awesome sneakers used and bikini clad, icing covered Sports Illustrated babes. The result is brilliant.

8 things you should get from Ruby's winter collection

All the winter collections we saw at New Zealand Fashion Week last year are in store now, so you can now finally get your hands on everything you mentally bookmarked way back then. Summer is also drawing to a close (not that it's been much of a summer) and I don't mind this too much, as it means more options when it comes to getting dressed in the morning - and more layers to work with.

Ruby's winter collection was one of the first to hit stores. It's still the fun, cute Ruby that is so popular with young females here - but more developed and refined this season. There are eight pieces in particular I think are worth picking up this year - the mohair being my definite favorite. Nearly everything is instore now, or you can shop Ruby online.

Channel your inner sweater-girl with this fuzzy lila sweater. It would be a great, soft foil to some masculine trousers or leather pants.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Shop One Night Guide: Everything you should buy from GOOD AS GOLD

If you know what's good for you, you'll take advantage of all the bargains tonight to start building up your autumn wardrobe. Good As Gold has 20% off all stock, and with so many amazing brands it's the perfect opportunity to get your hands on some things from the likes of Karen Walker and Deadly Ponies. Here are some of my picks from their online store.

Mr Billy Box by Deadly Ponies

Breton Tee by TwentySevenNames


This is happening right now. Putting the cheap in Cheap Monday with Black Box and Rag Pony for Shop One NightGet yourself some asap. 
The code is "rag pony". First thirty customers receive a gift with purchase from Smashbox cosmetics.

Denim Icon: Patti Smith

Still all about the denim this week, and tonight it's finally the Shop One Night online sale event. Channel timeless babe and all round amazing women Patti Smith with some new denim - although you'll need a few years of dedication for them to look this good. 
Cheap Mondays are $89 tonight, use the code "rag pony"

UK Vogue March 2012 "The Finest Line" by David Sims

Another great editorial from the latest issue of British Vogue. This one examines some of the most intriguing garments and silhouettes from the spring collections - simple yet with impact, all mostly monochromatic. The Celine from the first image is still my favorite.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

If you don't want traditional jeans...

Black Box has two new washes of Cheap Mondays in store as of today - just in time for Shop One Night. Because not everyone is like me and repeatedly buys similar shades of blue denim. Because sometimes you want other options that blue, black or grey. Granted the first pair are technically a blue, but not a woven-in traditional blue - more of an inky, fully dyed hue. The second pair are a great neutral - a warm beigey taupe. Both are the womens' "tight" style - a great basic skinny with, importantly, a high rise.

You can get these pairs (along with all other Cheap Mondays) from Black Box's online store - only $89 tomorrow night from 5pm until midnight. Make sure you use the code Ragpony to receive not only your 35% discount, but also a gift with purchase for the first thirty customers.

Cheap Monday | Rag Pony | Black Box. Part Three: Blair

February has been all about denim in case you haven't noticed. We've already seen Gunita and Danika do the honors and don some Cheap Mondays for the Rag Pony and Black Box collaboration for Shop One Night. Last up is Blair from N Model Management - beautiful and lovely and with fantastic eyebrows - wearing some classic slim blue denim. Get yours tomorrow night for only $89 at Black Box's online store as part of the Shop One Night online sale event. That's a steal, and you never ever don't need a new pair of jeans. Even though I have a pile of jeans I always find myself wanting just one more pair, and they are usually always some Cheap Mondays. Great cut, great wash, great price. Even greater price tomorrow night from 5pm until midnight. 

Blair from N Model Management, shot by Katherine Lowe and styled by Emma Gleason.

Denim Icon: young Leonardo DiCaprio

As much as I love the current version of Leonardo DiCaprio who does fantastic films like Revolutionary Road and The Great Gatsby in between dating every supermodel under the age of 28 - my favorite is young Leo with long blonde hair and blue jeans when he did fantastic films like The Basketball Diaries and Romeo + Juliet.
Get your hands on some new blue denim (or black, or grey - it's up to you!) tomorrow night for Shop One Night with Rag Pony and Black Box bringing you $89 Cheap Mondays online only at Black Box's online store.

Image Source: Tumblr, Google

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

New season knits from Juliette Hogan

Speaking of knitwear, today I got two pieces from Juliette Hogan's winter collection - I've been looking forward to getting my hands on these since I saw the collection walk at fashion week last year. Not only is this burnt-gold jumper a brilliant and very flattering colour, it's the perfect weight to be worn immediately on cooler summer evening and carry right through until winter with its sensible neck. Maybe not to be worn until colder weather is this chunky knit collar, however it will look fantastic with the beige cashmere sweater I've had for years. 
This collection is available now - go check out Hogan's lovely store on Ponsonby Road.

LFW: Pringle Of Scotland Fall 12

Pringle of Scotland, traditionally and progressively, all about the knitwear. For fall Alistair Carr nailed and twisted some of the classics like the twinset and turtleneck - in incarnations ranging from simple ribbed versions to a brilliant zigzag print. Twisting the sensible and traditional yet still remaining desirable and wearable. Knitwear is such a huge part of my wardrobe (I wear it right through summer too) and something I always reach for because of it's comfort, practicality and history. On another note, the slim trousers, split miniskirts and red lips at Pringle aren't half bad either,

LFW: Margaret Howell Fall 12

I'm a total Margaret Howell girl - right down to it's sensible, British bones and classic staples like the collared shirt, traditional knits and brilliant outerwear. Howell does clothes you not only want but know you will wear for years and years. For fall I love the knits - especially the simplified fair-isles, classic cables and a particularly charming collared sweater. Also a fan of the masculine, relaxed grey suit.

Blue Jean Archives: Part Two

In honor of my collaboration with Black Box boutique for this Shop One Night this Thursday and they $89 Cheap Mondays we are offering shoppers - here is another raid of my denim archives for more of that classic blue.
Celine jeans from Self service

young Candice Bergen

Stella McCartney Spring 11

Monday, February 20, 2012

"American Pop" Abbey Lee for UK Vogue

Australian Abbey Lee channels rerto pin-ups and Americana for British Vogue - that's enough countries in one editorial to make your head spin. Also making your head spin somewhat is Kershaw at her bombshell best in new season Prada, Christopher Kane and Balenciaga in the March issue. Incidentally at Elizabeth Taylor's old garden.

Denim Icon: Francoise Hardy

Because no one does it better than the French. Even when it's an iconic American garment like blue jeans. Francoise Hardy, as always, is heartbreakingly chic and effortless - which is why her style has stood the test of time and she remains obsessed about by women worldwide.

Get your hands on some new blue jeans this Thursday evening with Cheap Mondays only $89 betweem 5pm and 9pm online with Black Box and Rag Pony.

LFW: J. W. Anderson Fall 12

Every season J. W. Anderson gets better and better. Elements he touched on in the pre fall collection like PVC and quilting were out in force in the range shown at London Fashion Week. Quilted garments in what resembled tyvek came in clinical white and ominous black. Pinstripes (which I'm still mysteriously obsessed with) were also there in padded and bonded incarnations, twisting their more traditional heritage. The fantastic fuzzy-wool checks added some softness, as did the waffle knits. PVC was also there in dull orange and rich plum in top-to-toe looks - all shine all the time. Anderson showed one of my favorite collections of the season so far - and as always showed how taking risks and having a sense of humor alongside thoughtful design so important.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Karen Walker Eyewear - the best styles from the brand new collection

The latest eyewear collection from Karen Walker is out and in stores now - much to the relief of basically everyone in Auckland who appreciates a good pair of frames. The new collection called "Karen's Little Aliens" is back to basics in the best possible way - relatively of course, there's still a bright pastel pink to keep things fun, alongside some subtle glitter. I stopped by Playpark By Karen Walker in Newmarket on the weekend and have totally fallen for the new Anytime style, a chunky cats eye in tortoiseshell - solid and classic.

Anytime in Crazy Tortoise, Black and Tan (with sparkles!)