Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Thoughts at the end of a long weekend.

Rafael Nadal's Nike sneakers

Long weekends aren't as exciting when they are in the middle of an indefinite holiday.
When the summer has been long and drawn out with far too much free time, the novelty of two long weekends in a row isn't what it usually is.
Sometimes, being back at work is what is most exciting and novel.
After such a long post-uni break I've been back doing some assisting and freelancing. Literally keeping me out of trouble as I was starting to go stir crazy. I'm clearly a workaholic who can't function without projects and work. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing.
Brunch is my favorite weekend meal.
Especially when enjoyed at Twenty Three in Mt Eden. The beauty of brunch is that it's not a necessity - as you could easily just have a sensible, puritan breakfast - instead it's all about the food, company and the novelty of having hours free on a weekend morning to spend however you like. This weekend I had the scallops on toast. Delicious. Oh and Twenty Three do Supreme coffee.
I am becoming increasingly obsessed with Valentino.
I'm not sure why. Maybe I have too many female hormones at the moment. But the delicate femininity and romanticism of the recent collections have me by the heart strings.
Epic tennis finals should be watched twice.
Especially when they are five hours long. And when you fell asleep two thirds of the way through the first attempt, waking up somewhat relieved that you didn't have to stay up until 3:30 to see that outcome - but also somewhat guilty as your tiredness can't compare to how Novak or Rafa would be feeling. Did you see Rafa's shoes?
I've been making trousers this weekend.
They are great. I promise. Let me know if you want some.
Starbucks is nothing to be ashamed of.
As much as I love my Supreme coffee, sometimes all I want is some cheap, commercial Starbucks - always in the form of a venti brewed coffee, strong and black. It's like the crack of the coffee world. No shame.
PVC trousers are great at parties.
I wore my new Zambesi pair (sale bargain) to a party on saturday night. You spill punch on them, you wipe off. It's like a walking Handee Ultra ad.

Monday, January 30, 2012

A January's worth of Tumblr

Check out my Tumblr, it rules. It's also proof of how bored I was during January's bad weather. Too much Tumblring.

Friday, January 27, 2012

A few words with Anmari Botha (rising local model who just did Givenchy Couture in Paris)

Anmari Botha is one of my favorite local models to work with - I've worked on a few different projects with her over the past year since she started modeling (including one of her first). Not only is she a gorgeous, statuesque blonde but she always gives 110%. Naturally both these attributes (amongst many) have sent her in Paris, where she's popped up in the recent couture presentations. It is amazing to see her doing so well so soon, and the young Miss Botha was kind enough to take the time to answer a few questions about her her trip is going - and tell us what those Givenchy nose rings really felt like to wear.

How is Paris going? Paris is great! I'm really enjoying it. When I first arrived I was terribly scared and homesick because I knew no one here and felt very lonely but each day got better as I made new friends and began exploring the city.
What are some of the most exciting things you have worked on while you've been there?
I haven't been here that long and most of the days I've been running around trying to get to castings. But I suppose the wedding dress I wore from Christophe Josse was pretty exciting. I swear I've never had so many cameras pointed at me. The dress was beautiful and there was a lot of commotion about it. I loved the adrenaline rush just before going on the runway.
Tell us all about Givenchy? Especially those nose rings! (Anmari did the couture presentation)
Givenchy. was. amazing. I did a two day presentation in a hotel where the new collection was displayed. There were 2 girls walking around and the rest of the outfits where hanging in separate rooms. The dress I wore was absolutely spectacular! It is made from crocodile scales (12 crocodiles went into making it!) I felt slightly sadistic wearing a family of crocodiles haha. But the craftsmanship is truly amazing! The nose rings were interesting. they are more comfortable than they look to be honest.. just eating with them was a slight problem.

 Is France a culture shock after being in New Zealand (and South Africa this summer)? 
France is beautiful but VERY different to my southern hemisphere homes. I find it harder to communicate with the locals (besides the language barrier) they are generally not the friendliest bunch but they've grown on me and you just learn to laugh at them.
 Have you bumped into anyone particularly interesting or memorable over there? 
Bumped into anyone interesting?? um just casually Cameron Diaz at Givenchy. no biggie :) Also my friend Caitlin Lomax was sent over from NY to do the Chanel show so i was sooo happy to have a familiar face to hang with.
What differences have you noticed about the industry in Paris and the industry here in New Zealand? 
Over here its a lot more fast paced. You can't complain or refuse ANYTHING or you won't get anywhere. If you want to get anywhere in the fashion industry you have to be determined and really want it! I pretty face will get you no where. But i suppose its the same in NZ just taken a bit to the next level.

You haven't been modeling that long, I remember working with you on a shoot a year ago when you were just starting out. How have you found this whirlwind first year?
 I've only been modeling for about a year and a half now. Just leapt into it really. 2012 is going to be amazing. I've been stressed out of my mind already but I've learnt to handle it. I can't really tell what will happen in the next couple of months but I'm off to a good start! so fingers crossed.
 What are some moments that stand out the most? 
Moments that stand out? I would say meeting new and interesting people while I'm at shows or going to castings. I've made a few good friends and hope to make more.
 Are there any more surprising things you have learnt? 
Yes. When you ask for a coffee here don't expect to get milk with it. Here coffee you drink black and with a lump of sugar. Also if there is no light at a pedestrian crossing you have to wait until the cars have passed. Pedestrians don't have right of way here.
How long are you in Paris for? And where to next? 
I'm not sure how long I will be staying for. perhaps 2 or 3 months, maybe more, i can't say. All depends on how well I do. Milan is a possibility but not 100%. We will see what the future holds when then time comes.

Thanks Anmari!
For more locals in Paris, go to Katherine Is Awesome
Image Source: Anmari Botha & Style.com

Thursday, January 26, 2012

This is what the invitation to Karen Walker's Fall 12 NY show looks like.

She had me at Sea Monsters. Underwater motifs are my favorite, and Karen Walker's prints are always a standout of each collection. Naturally I think we can assume the the prints in this collection are going to be pretty great - fish, whales, octopus, giant squid? Maybe even a Loch Ness Monster (granted they are lake dwelling). What do you want to see?

Ps I had a sneak peek of the new eyewear, and it's amazing. Just you wait!
Image source: Karen Walker

Valentino Menswear Fall 12

This is a total "shit fashion girls say", but I'm really into Valentino at the moment. Usually I'm a diehard Dries/Celine/Raf girl, but over the past season or two I've become more and more enamored with what is going on at the house of Valentino. From the femininity of the womenswear and its carefully considered and beautifully executed flower elements and delicate couture, to the fantastic menswear for fall. I'm particularly impressed with the outerwear - those cape-like coats paired with the suiting.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Jil Sander Pre Fall 12: The best lookbook ever.

The pre fall lookbook from Jil Sander definitely takes out the best concept and execution so far. As I mentioned the other week with The Row, it's good to see more thoughtful, unique concepts when it comes to lookbooks. Jil Sander is evocative of mid centurty collegiate style and genteel, iconic education for women like Sarah Lawrence. Every aspect of it is carefully considered - from the collection to the setting and the hair and beauty, it's all flawless. Naturally the collection fits in seamlessly with this concept whilst managing to avoid being literal. The dresses are all perfectly executed, as are the coats. Both making me want to attempt to be more ladylike.

Image Source: Style.com

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Thoughts on a sunday evening

Tell that man yous a boss bitch - Kelis

2012 clearly starts in February
I admittedly spent most of January moping around in a kind of limbo - mostly thanks the average weather, lack of money, post-graduation listlessness and other personal reasons. After a while you realise that, although the help pass the time and keep your mind off things, sleeping until late and taking ridiculously long showers doesn't really do your sanity much good.

You can't just mope around waiting for things to happen, you generally need to hustle.
After a few pseudo-work meetings and some proactive list writing I feel like 2012 is finally getting into the swing of things. It's definitely quite jarring to suddenly not have university to go back to - for as long as I can remember the routine of study has been an unquestionable and dominant part of every year. Now it's time for us to turn that into a career path and see just how marketable a fashion design degree is. Chase work, sell ourselves and be proactive.

In fact, to do something with all that sewing and design practice, I'm now making made to order pants.
Check them out. Get in touch.

There's no better feeling than giving a gift that blows someones mind.
Seriously. Those occasions when you manage to give someone the perfect present and their face lights up and you know you did good. It really is super rewarding.

Stilettos look amazing but boy do your feet hurt the next day.
You all know I'm a little bit obsessed with sassy, grown-up heels at the moment. And boy do they look great. But if you are on your feet in them nearly all night, you certainly feel it the next day. It's mostly worth it, but also a reminder that stilettos are best worn in proportionally more seated occasions like dinner, coffee and meetings. Not dancing to Beyonce.

The mens shows are pretty awesome, but overwhelming. 
No way have I been blogging the collections as much as I would like. I have been putting some stuff up on my Tumblr as I see them though, so check it out.

Not only am I a total fangirl of the accomplished Olsen sisters, but am also somewhat addicted to their YouTube doppelganger.
If you haven't discovered Very Mary Kate by now, you are missing out an some serious laughs in life. Elaine Carroll nails a hilarious pastiche of the sisters, Mary Kate in particular, without ever diminishing my genuine admiration for the girls. To start with, watch this, this and this.

Image Source: The Fashion Spot
Chosen because the Olsen sisters relate to at least two points in the post.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Trouser and shoe appreciation for Celine Pre Fall 12

Because well cut trousers are a beautiful thing. Even better when in pinstripes. Also because I really just love pointy, sassy heels at the moment. And everything is surprisingly more appealing on fluffy carpet.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Maison Martin Margiela Pre Fall 12

Cream cable-knits at The Row and now Margiela, so perfect for winter. Not that winter is anytime soon, but that's fine. As is the more wearable reincarnation of the famous Duvet Coat - I can't think of a better way to deal with cold weather. There's also yet another fur to feel guilty about liking.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Row Pre Fall 12

As is to be expected, the collection from The Row was one of my favorites of Pre Fall (along with Celine, as usual). The Olsen sisters offering continued in the timeless, ageless simplicity and luxury that they have become so successful for. The knitwear this season is particularly lovely, from simple two-toned roll-necks to cream cable-knits. Other sensible yet irresistible pieces were the likes of a particular grey coat, and the more luxurious than sensible furs. These sat alongside lighter, more transeasonal garments. The silk pieces that featured in black and rust with simple yet elegant details like sheer panels and spaghetti straps. I also love the simplicity of the fitted cotton top in oxford blue, and (what seems to be a) woven wool tshirt. I would wear everything on a near daily basis, which I suppose is the case with every single one of the collections from The Row and one of the best signs of good design - the desire to wear and live in a piece.

The lookbook itself is also lovely - the relaxed portraiture is a refreshing change to some of the more stark, traditional examples. I also love that they used girls like Daiane Conterato, Alana Zimmer and Kel Markey - and kept them so natural looking.

Miu Miu Spring 1996 Campaign featuring Chloe Sevigny

Blast from the past with Miss Sevigny. I want those rust trousers and that semi-transparent skirt.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Jil Sander Menswear Fall 12

Raf went back to black with the Jil Sander menswear for Fall. A precise, heavy, dark take on menswear with references to Patrick Bateman, German precision and Rutger Hauer's leathers in Blade Runner. Of course, as it's Raf, there were some idiosyncratic moments of humor with whales and dinosaurs adorning knitwear. And in a humorous nod to the archetypal businessman, most of the models clutched paperbag bags in leather and (presumably) paper - all proudly and ironically bearing the Jil Sander name.