Monday, December 17, 2012

Makeup Monday: I asked for "Jean Shrimpton on acid"

I'm a firm believer in getting your makeup done for an occasion- nothing beats a professional touch for when you want to look properly "done". And if you are going to get your makeup done you might as well get something done that you can't do yourself. The girls at the MAC stores do this better than anyone - flirting with the extreme or dramatic in just the right way.

On Friday I went to see Meggie at the Pro store at Britomart to get my makeup done for Grimes that night - briefing her with "Jean Shrimpton on acid" for that 60s eye but with way more party to it. Naturally we put some big lashes on; I can't do these myself, so always get the MAC artists to do it for me, and since you're paying for the lashes ($26) getting your eyes done is redeemable - so so worth it, and the best decision you will make this silly season (and at least you'll look amazing while making bad decisions). I swear to god these lashes lasted through my 4am bedtime until 1pm the next day. And I have them in their box waiting for the next occasion that calls for big fluffy lashes.

Call MAC Pro at Britomart on 09 358 4200
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