Tuesday, December 11, 2012

If you can't handle leaving the house you can still look cute while you hibernate

We all have those days when can't even face going outside for whatever reason - be it the symptoms of the silly season, embracing leisure as a full time occupation, or having a standard internal meltdown. Rather than looking like a hot mess, you can indulge your hibernation urge whilst still looking relatively chic and without having to venture too far into Grey Gardens territory (unless you want to - which is fine, because the Beales are damn stylish ladies). I'm all about it - look relatively stylish whilst drinking bloody mary's and watching Christmas movies.

This sentiment is shared by several local designers like Kate Sylvester and Sherie Muijs, who have kindly released suitable pieces just in time for swanning around your abode in summer doing sweet f-all. Kate Sylvester continues her wearable-pyjamas strand of thought (remember that amazing satin set from her spring collection) by adding another set in her high summer range - this time in a light cotton and a neutral print. Naturally you can wear this set together or separate - but I definitely think the latter is by far the best choice. 

Birdseye PJ Set by Kate Sylvester $195.

Likewise Sherie Muijs has expanded her line of shirting to include an exclusive collaboration with Simon James Concept Store in the form of the perfect summer nightshirt. Sherie and I talked about this shirt over coffee and speculaas one day - particularly all the design decisions she made to ensure it was as comfortable for sleeping as possible. I want this shirt, and I'm not going to pretend like I wouldn't wear it both day and night.

Shirt No.7 by Sherie Muijs $245.
Exclusive to Simon James Concept Store (Herne Bay) & Simon James at The Department Store (Takapuna).

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