Friday, December 14, 2012

Give good party face this holidays (and make it LAST) with MAC's Amber D

It's that time of year again where you find yourself doing outfit changes in the car and having to make your makeup last (and look good) for work, after work drinks, some dinner thing and a party later (and if you're lucky/unlucky the next day too). Life is hard right. But who doesn't want to look their best. And you want to look better than your best when everyone is upping their game during the aptly titled Silly Season. It's easy to default to an inoffensive metallic-taupe eye and a nude lip, but way more fun to get creative. A bright lip or some serious heavy metals on the eye is so much more creative and will make you feel like a Queen. It's also the perfect time of year to get your makeup done in store - false eyelashes and the whole nine yards (I'm getting some put on tonight at MAC's Britomart store because I'm going to Grimes!!). But if you are doing it yourself (as most of us do), I figured who else to ask but the best makeup artist I know - Amber D, Senior Artist of MAC Cosmetics New Zealand. Amber was kind enough to share her wisdom on how to get your face to last all night and how to tackle a bold eye or lip. 

It’s a weird thing having to consider what makeup to wear over a summer Christmas season and how to seamlessly glide into summer without looking like a sweaty disaster! (And also being able to play it cool and pretend like you didn’t put in any effort and actually always look that amazing).

So here are my suggestions and essentials…
Do like Missoni and make sure your skin looks flawless and well groomed. My current go to combo for summer skin is M.A.C Face & Body Foundation applied to get a sheer coverage, M.A.C Prep & Prime BB Cream SPF30 pressed lightly over the top through the middle of the face, Prep & Prime Highlighter under the eyes to hide any clues that you have had a late night the night before, then set lightly with M.A.C Prep & Prime powder (which is totally invisible but smoothes the look of pores and lines….why wouldn’t you?)…trust me this combo works like a dream. Perfectly groomed eyebrows also do a lot for a face so make sure you fill any gaps in your brows with M.A.C Brows (I know Emma is obsessed with Lingering and for good reason) then comb up with M.A.C Clear brow set.

Missoni [image supplied]

Perfection can be boring and we don’t want to look like summer makeup robots, so while flawlessly perfect skin is important (and looking like there actually isn’t anything there when we all know there is) sometimes a more cream smudged out eye can look way sexier and saves time worrying about touch-ups if it’s actually supposed to look a little rock’n’roll.

While the eye by Charlotte Tilbury and the M.A.C team at Prabal Gurung was all the way to the brow you can tone it down by only taking it to the crease of the eyelid. Start with an eye kohl like the M.A.C Kohl Power pencils (what I imagine the baby of a traditional eye kohl and a powder eyeshadow might look like) and outline the lash line, smudge it along the edges and even fill in the outer corners with the pencil and smudge as well. Then with a metallic cream eyeshadow like the M.A.C Extra Dimension shades press over the liner so that you are kind of blending them together but not too perfectly! Layer up M.A.C Haute & Naughty Mascara for night-time. Then don’t sweat it when it wears in a little…..

Prabal Gurung [image supplied]

 The easiest way to look chic with minimal effort is to go for a bold lip. I am literally obsessed with the new M.A.C Natural Radiance primer that is made for olive to dark skin tones – assisting in making skin look golden, luminous and counter-acting ashy undertones. It seriously is a dream product! Pair that with any one of the bright M.A.C essential lipsticks like Lady Danger, Morange, Russian Red, Snob, Girl About Town, Rebel or Vegas Volt and you are good to go….wherever!

- Amber D, Senior Artist for MAC Cosmetics New Zealand

Kenzo [image supplied]

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