Sunday, December 23, 2012

Five ways to wear Boohoo's sequined shorts

Sequin laden garments aimed at the silly season can be admittedly intimidating - the idea of a glittering minidress is good but the reality can be a bit daunting, especially in the relatively relaxed social atmosphere of New Zealand. But if you buy one thing this summer to inject some frivolity and fun into your wardrobe, make it these sequinned shorts by Boohoo. They are a little bit of party whilst still giving you the freedom to bend down, brave a windy night or dance in a DJ booth (if that is your goal in life) all of which are so important to consider when going out out night. 

Also a surprisingly versatile, these shorts can go casual with sneakers and an athletic tshirt, or dressed up with shirting and stiletto pumps. They are a great foil to more classic or unisex pieces like denim and tailoring. I made it may mission this week to find five different ways to wear them - be it for a barbecue or a Tuesday or a civilised night out. Oh and they have a really good rise on them, so you can wear them with cropped top halves and the proportions still work. And there are pockets.

Look One
Boohoo shorts, Juliette Hogan jacket, AS Colour tshirt, Karen Walker Eyewear "Anytime" glasses, watch by I Love Ugly.

Look Two
Boohoo shorts, AS Colour 3/4 raglan tshirt, Kate Sylvester Eyewear "Scout" frames. Watch as before.

Look Three
Boohoo shorts, vintage denim shirt and cropped turtleneck by Topshop.

Look Four
Boohoo shorts, Country Road mohair turtleneck, vintage jacket and sandals by Arrange Collective.

Look Five
Boohoo shorts, Trenery breton top, vintage denim jacket, Kate Sylvester Eyewear and New Balance sneakers.

All photos thanks to Frances Carter.


  1. This. Is. Awesome.
    Just sayin... love dem shorts.

  2. Look one and look four are drool-worthy!

  3. I just love the color and designing of your shorts.It's so beautiful.