Monday, November 5, 2012

The Dressing Room

We've discussed underwear on here before, namely bras and ones personal preference. I strictly only ever wear the soft, vintage types that are frustratingly few and far between at mainstream underwear retailers - so naturally I'm very pleased with the recent opening of The Dressing Room at The Department Store. The carefully selected range features the sought after lingerie by local designers  Ingrid Starnes, Miss Crabb, Kate Sylvester and Lonely by Lonely Hearts all in one place. It's pretty much the only place you need to go to buy lingerie. Not to mention it also stocks Surface Too Deep swimwear - just in time for summer. Lucy Marr was kind enough to answer a few questions about the appealing new addition.

What was the motivation behind The Dressing Room? 
In our industry, we tend to hear quite a bit about what people like, dislike and, in this case, can't find in fashion. A few of our clients complained about not being able to find beautiful lingerie in a good location and, personally, I was surprised at the lack of choice. The opportunity came up to extend the retail in Lucy & The Powder Room at The Department Store and we instantly knew what to put in there. 
Was it a natural decision to place The Dressing Room alongside Lucy & The Powder Room? 
Yes, absolutely. The space was designed by our long time friend and collaborator Katie Lockhart. It's light, beautiful, relaxing and indulgent. It's the perfect place for the modern girl to go alone or with friends, to enjoy a moment and spend some personal time. 

Image supplied.

The brand selection is fantastic! Is it all local labels? Was this important? 
Yes, it's all local. We have had the good fortune to work with all these brands, some of which for many years, and we're so happy that they were able to be a part of this new venture. It's fun and exciting to continue our relationship with them on a new level.
So many local fashion designers are producing their own lingerie now - do you think it is demand that has trigered this motivation, or the lingerie itself trigering the demand/trend for it? 
I think it's a bit of both. The demand from consumers is there. Women want to feel special, beautiful and have choice. They also want their lingerie to be made of refined fabrics with superior detailing; much like they do their outerwear. The idea that you could only get these kind of products off-shore is a thing of the past, with our local designers doing it so well and to the same, exceptional level as their other collections.

Annabelle from Vanity Walk by Sara Orme

Do you think women are changing their opinions and seeing the value in treating themselves to more expensive lingerie? I personally try and buy expensive nice sets when I can. 
I think some women are deciding that, with all their consumer choices, they'd rather have the beautifully made, classically elegant and timeless solution – rather than the 'quick fix' that you might get on the high street. It's a shift in consumer behavior to buy once and buy well and they believe, as I do, it's a smarter thing for your pocket and the environment in the long run.
A lot of the styles are soft cup and vintage inspired (my personal favorite) - do you think we are finally seeing a shift away from all the solid, push up bras? 
Yes, and thank goodness. It's not about size and cleavage at all. The soft cups are comfortable and are beautifully engineered. There's absolutely something stunning for any body shape and size.
Do you agree that these vintage shapes are more flattering and sit so much nicer under clothing? Not to mention are so much more appealing when a little visible. 
Yes, I do – and they're so comfortable too. There's something really lovely about having on exceptional lingerie, whether it's your own secret or you give others a little glimpse…

Snez from N Model Management by Sara Orme

It's nearly impossible to find soft cup lingerie at other stores! So The Dressing Room is a welcome change. It feels like lingerie that appeals to women themselves but is also designed to be seen now and then. I love that there are silk slip dresses from Miss Crabb alongside all the underwear. 
We love the slips and so do our customers. The colors are beautiful and once you have one, you really do find yourself wanting to collect a couple more.


And while we are on the topic of lingerie, I love these pages from 1975 issue of US Vogue. 

US Vogue March 1975 "The Most Feminine Accessories" by Deborah Turbeville
Image source: The Fashion Spot


  1. Great...more pretty underwear that my boobs are way too big to fit into!

  2. I agree! It's so hard to find nice, simple soft cup bras... Why oh why does everything have to be padded, 'sexy' and over-embellished!

  3. I agree with the first comment... these types of lingerie do not cater to every body type as you claim they do. what about girls that are skinny-slim but have a large bust that needs support and underwire. I think you'll find this is the least catered to figure in the market. Pretty much only Avokado on Nuffield St stocks bras and swimwear in sizes like 8-10E or F, and you have to pay at LEAST $100 for a bra or bikini top. these "vintage" bras are pretty much designed solely for small boobs. Which is a pretty small demographic these days.

  4. I was pretty excited to read your description of the Dressing Room but when I visited I discovered it's the exact opposite of your claim that "it's the only place you need to go to find lingerie". I'm sick of Kiwi designers and fashion media 'forgetting' that a whole lot of NZ women are actually pretty well endowed. I'm an NZ size 8 but none of the Dressing Room bras fit me. They're gorgeous, but designed for a small segment of the population only.

    I'd like to find simple, non-padded, non-over-embellished bras like Anonymous above ... there's still a huge gap in the market for stuff over a B cup.

  5. There is nothing bad to say about this bra. It is by far the best, most supportive and comfortable bra that I have ever had and it doesn't sacrifice beauty for functionality. I love playtex bras and recommend it to anyone in the market for a lovely supportive undergarment!