Monday, November 19, 2012

Chelsea "Watercolours" Metcalf looks serene (as usual) in the latest Glassons campaign

We all have those friends that you are regularly in awe of, be it from their talent or their humour or being ridiculously good-looking. Chelsea Metcalf is one of mine, and has all of the above in spades. I've known Chelsea since high school, and it's been amazing to watch her ascent in the local music industry (first as part of Teacups, and now under the name Watercolours) - culminating in the recent winning of the Critics Choice Award at the VNZMA's (which I was lucky enough to dress her for). She is currently doing the honours of gracing Glassons' brand new summer campaign, alongside other musically talented young ladies - Ruby Frost and The Veronicas. Shot by New York based photographer Clement Pascal, each set of imagery reflects its subjects aesthetic and ethos. Chelsea naturally looks suitably serene and stunning, as usual.

In related news, I heard her play this song last Thursday night (among many) and it's pretty awesome so you should probably listen to it.

Photographer: Clement Pascal 
Hair and Make Up: Sophy Phillips

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