Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Who are you and what are you wearing? Chelsea Metcalf

It was a pleasant surprise to find myself seated next to my good friend Chelsea at the Ruby and Liam show this morning. We decided she looked like President Barbie in her hot pink suit. And she tied my corsage on me, which I have since lost. I appeared to have a boyfriend for half an hour. Chelsea always looks amazing but was particularly awesome in bright classics.

Who are you? Chelsea Jade Metcalf.
What do you do? Musician under the name Watercolours, photographer and general babe.
What are you wearing? Liam suit and shirt, raincoat by Sherie Muijs, vintage shoes and a backpack bought at the Brooklyn flea markets.


  1. Love the outfit, but what an awkward pose!

    Jade Y

  2. Love the colour contrast. Nice!!