Wednesday, September 19, 2012

This is how awesome that floral from Juliette Hogan's Fall 13 collection is up close.

I know I put this on my Instagram yesterday (it's Emmagleason if you want to follow) but I'm so enamored with this textile that I felt like it was worthy of a whole post. I'd seen this on the runway at Juliette Hogan's Fashion Week show and in the lookbook recently and thought "Oh, nice floral, yeah" but it wasn't until I went to Juliette's workroom yesterday to have a good look at the range that I realised how mind-blowing it was up close. It's a cross-stitched silk tapestry floral, textured and luminous. The embroidery gives a sturdiness and density - so the pieces are far from being lightweight and saccharine florals. I really really want the trousers. It doesn't get better than tapestry trousers.

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