Sunday, September 9, 2012

NZFW iPhone Diary: Amber D from MAC

MAC Cosmetics dominated the makeup at New Zealand Fashion Week this year, as always. Their Senior Artist and all round awesome person Amber Dreadon was backstage at nearly every show and was the Key Artist for the likes of Zambesi, Twenty Seven Names and Ruby & Liam (among many more, also kindly doing some backstage interviews for me). She's currently en route to Thailand but found the time before she left to send me her photo diary of her busy week.

Flats to heels to flats to heels.....‏ [editors note: all Celine everything]

Derya at Liam - mac dipdown fluid line eye, pink opal pigment cheek highlight!‏

Lauren from Stephen Marr & Sam lee matching - wish I wore some Workshop camo!‏

Mac facechart book.... Check.‏

Half of the MAC team at our pre fashion week meeting‏.

Olivia at Twenty-Seven Names.... Skin of an angel‏.

Rene Vaile our MAC photographer being a cutie‏.

I don't travel light.... Stella McCartney & my MAC zuca kit‏.

I made the nails as well... 5 nights til midnight for 20 models... They matched the prints in the show‏.

MAC nail team kits ready to roll‏.

I love Trelise Cooper..... Dancing during the show‏.

MAC team schedule hot off the press‏.

MAC lockers! Wish I had one!‏

Makeup at Trelise‏.

Mac Aussies that I made do this, they totally love NZ though!‏

Trying to hold everything at once backstage‏.

The girls from Ruby& Liam at the makeup test‏.

Hurry up and sit down guys! We're watching!‏

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