Monday, September 17, 2012

Makeup Monday: BB Baby

If there's one beauty product that changed my life this year and I constantly recommend to everyone, it's BB Cream. It lives in the foundation family but it's so much more than a standard foundation. It's generally known as a "skin perfector" because to be honest, that's what it does. I keep forcing my friends to buy it - I'm that obsessed.

Not only does it provide the light, even coverage of a good foundation - it's super translucent and adopts your own skin tone (most BB creams only come in a couple of colours because that's all you need). Which means that if you're lazy like me, application is a dream; I just rub a small amount all over my face and it blends seamlessly and so quickly. It does this amazing radiant, glow-y thing and evens out the whole texture - which is great if you're no longer a pore-less eighteen year old. It's also super hydrating, which is amazing if you have dry skin like mine (which is particularly dehydrated at the moment).

It also has crazy skin-healing properties. I don't know how it does it (and I'd google it if it wasn't 11:41pm and I wasn't trying to finish this post before Monday is over) but since it was originally invented in Germany for patients recovering from cosmetic procedures like skin peels, it kind of makes sense.

Garnier BB Cream - Miracle Skin Perfector

I've been using Garnier for most of this year (although I switch between that and MAC's Face And Body sometimes) and it has been so great - not to mention only around $18 or something. And you can get it from the supermarket.

I also really want to try MAC's BB Cream, as I've heard nothing but amazing things and their products are top notch. If anyone has tried this one do share in the comments please! And tell me if you are obsessed with BB Creams as I am!

Watch this video of MAC Cosmetics artist Cher talking all about BB Cream and why it's so good.

And because we all know I'm obsessed with Cat Marnell (the former beauty editor at read her suitably gushing post on BB Cream.


  1. OOh,I'm going to try Garnier! I have dry, sensitive skin though. What's your skin like?

    1. My skins dry and sensitive too!! And breaks out when stressed.
      I use Garnier's Beaty Balm and MAC's Face And Body foundation as both are really light and soothing.

  2. Hey, I got the MAC one from duty free and yeah its pretty good. Ive used both the garnier one and the mac one and theyre really different. The garnier one I found quite oily and makes you kinda shiny and the MAC one is the complete opposite, its quite thick and mattifying. I way prefer the MAC one but one annoying thing is that its pretty pale on me, and im nc20 in MAC. Im keen to try the smashbox and bobbi brown ones though...