Tuesday, September 11, 2012

JW ANDERSON x TOPSHOP needs to get in my life

After months and months of waiting, the JW Anderson and Topshop collaboration debuts online friday morning (UK time). Anderson has been one of my favorite designers since his first collection - consistently pushing boundaries and exploring progressive shapes and textiles. And always with a sense of humour - referencing packaging, bad taste and the colour palettes of fast-food chains .

The collaboration features JW Anderson signature pieces like pleated skirts, quilting, paisley prints and tartans - all layered in the inimitable Anderson way. Skirts over trousers have never looked this good. 
I need to somehow find some money by Friday to get some of this in my life. I want that quilted paisley top, or the tartan. And those loafers are pretty perfect.

Image source: Vogue.co.uk


  1. i agree, this collaboration is a dream. no exaggeration there!

  2. These clothes look great !!!