Friday, August 3, 2012

What I'm Wearing This Winter: Chelsea "Watercolours" Metcalf

I caught up with talented musician and photographer Chelsea Metcalf (incidentally also a mega babe) the other week for coffee. We do this semi-regularly and vent our white-girl-problems and current hair situations. I've known Chelsea since highschool, where we spent too many lunchtimes of our youth shut away in a dark room. Now she's all grown up and performing as Watercolours. She's also very good at that Twitter thing.

Who are you and what do you do? 
WATERCOLOURS the song-builder
What are you wearing? 
I CAN'T REMEMBER EXACTLY - CAN I SEE A PICTURE? scraping the memory bank: a RUBY woolen dress, Sherie Muijs white shirt, Illesteva sunglasses from Assembly New York, Flux leather backpack from Brooklyn Flea Market, Socks from a late night CVS pilgrimage for poptarts in Greenpoint, H&M kids belt from Tatty's, H by Hudson shoes from ASOS.. ..PROBABLY

How are you staying warm this winter? 
Watching other people experience discomfort in the severity of an opposing season. e.g - all of the greenhouse scenes in 'The Babysitter's Club' (1995). Also, employing boyfriend as a human blanket (NSFW).
What have you been getting up to? 
Song-morphing and plan-constructing. Extracting grant money to reCORD for a REcord and make music videos for internet eyes. Also, wishing I had thought to plant photographs of Nicki Minaj on Council documents before sending them out in my architecture secretary side-life.
And what do you have planned for the rest of it? 
Make my bedroom impervious to disorder via some kind of law dictating that any item insolent enough to be out of place will be mercilessly discarded. Learn more 90's R'n'B covers for Katherine Lowe's kicks. Clock music self-management (LAUGH)

What are your favorite things about the cold weather? 
That everybody is inside to hear my horrible jokes and that it is finally borderline acceptable to be a hermit. Eventually my answer will be 'hot milkshakes' but I haven't invented them yet. :-/