Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Southland Diary: Part One, Invercargill

If you follow myself or Pebbles Hooper on Twitter or Instagram you've probably noticed that we spent the weekend running around Southland. Neither of us had been to Invercargill beforeso getting away for a few days to see the stunning countryside and eat our bodyweight in amazing Southland produce was such a treat. We flew down to Invercargill on Thursday afternoon and arrived to stunning weather (albeit rather chilly - perfect for PVC pants and faux fur) that lasted the whole weekend. This is the first of several posts, so stay tuned!

View from our room at The Kelvin Hotel

Whilst in Invercargill we were staying in the centre of town at The Kelvin Hotel (which possesses the cutest color scheme - all pastel pink walls and forest green carpeting and that perfect nostalgia you find sometimes). Incidentally it was also around the corner from Starbucks, which we naturally managed to find our first night there.

Carpet and outfit matching.

We pretty much spent the majority of our time there eating - food down in Southland is unbelievably good thanks to the famous local agriculture and seafood. Thursday night saw us having dinner at The Kiln - the freshest and tastiest salmon I've had in recent memory and bread baked on site. Friday night we ate at Louie's, again having seafood (this time blue cod) vegies and more bread (you can never go wrongw ith carbs really) all of which proved that unbelievably tasty and high quality produce was the norm down there. Which makes sense as agriculture and seafood are huge and important industries.

Christchurch Airport - the only view we saw during stopover.

Flight from Christchurch to Invercargill. Ridiculously barren, dry and beautiful.

Friday night in Invercargill. Pink walls. Fake fur. Pebbles straightened my hair.
I'm wearing a Bassike tshirt, Zambesi PVC pants, fur jacket from Glassons and a Deadly Ponies bag.

Thursday night. Discovering vintage parking meters.
Wearing a mens fair isle sweater from Country Road, fur jacket from Glassons, Boohoo jeans and New Balance sneakers.


The town clock.

The only pyramid in the Southern Hemisphere (it's a museum)

This place is like we named every store and restaurant in it.
Outfit documented here.

What I bought at the best bogan tshirt store of all time. Pretty much haven't taken it off since. Also depressed that I couldn't afford another basketball throwback too.

The other town clock. 

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