Monday, August 20, 2012

NZFW 2012: Eight questions with Juliette Hogan

Juliette Hogan has been a mainstay at New Zealand Fashion Week for years now, and her collections are always among my favorites shown each year. Season after season the Hogan girl has cool and class and never tries to hard - whether she's floating around in light creamy silks or bundled up in a chunky turtleneck. Juliette will be showing her Winter 13 collection on the runway at NZFW in a couple of weeks, stay tuned.

How did putting together the winter collection go? 
This season it was a dream. Kind of. Compared to the last couple of years in the lead up to producing the fashion week collection. I have great people working alongside me (Sarah, my design assistant and Rachel Morton, my stylist) and I'm really excited about what we have put together. The fabrics are beautiful and we have used a bit of unexpected colour which looks so beautiful. I'm on a running buzz at the moment and I really think this has attributed to just being that much more chilled out everything at the moment.

Any specific influences or inspirations? 
Music is always a really strong inspiration point for me. We have been listening to a lot of grungy almost rockabilly-esque music, and I think this has had a really subtle effect on our design process. We create a scene or a story in for the girl that is our muse and then design the collection around her needs.

How does you see the Juliette Hogan girl developing this year? 
She's very cool. I love her. She's taken a step sideways and is dressing with a beautiful new silhouette in mind. A little bit glam but paired back with unexpected pieces.

Penny Pickard on the runway for Juliette Hogan at NZFW 2011

Collaborating with stylist Rachel Morton was so successful last winter, will it be happening again? 
Absolutely. She's amazing to work with and I feel so fortunate to have her as part of my team.

What's your favorite part of NZFW? 
Seeing the girls all lined up in the outfits before they are about to start the show. There is this amazing atmosphere backstage. It's quite hard to describe… All this energy bursting from so many people. I love seeing 12 or so of my outfits all together on the girls. I design with a show in mind, making sure that everything is cohesive and tight, and i love seeing it all there with the colours, textures, silhouettes all working with each and juxtaposing against each other.

What are some of the most memorable moments from previous NZFWs? 
I can't single out specific moments. Every year is great (although i really didn't like my 2007 show - it still bothers me) and has its own memories. But I get excited about each new show and making it better that the previous year.

Spring 12/13 on the runway at Blue Sky

What was the impact of showing a spring collection for the first time [at Blue Sky]?
Blue sky was the first time that I showed a summer collection on the catwalk, which I loved. Because it was a summer collection we were able to approach it in quite a different manner in terms of styling and music etc. Again, like I mentioned above, I love seeing my collections on lots of girls all at once, and then in turn others being able to see this too. I also loved it for the sense that people were so much more aware of the summer collection (due to the press and the hype around the show) than they have been for previous summer collections, which means people have a dream list of pieces to purchase so when the collection is dropped into store there is this existing excitement and desire for the clothes.

Spring 12/13. Source: Juliette Hogan

What are your favorite pieces from the spring collection that is in store now? 
I love the animal print we have done on silk crepe de chine in the black and oyster colour way. It's like my perfect print. It just works back so well with some many other staples in the Juliette Hogan wardrobe. It just needs to gets little warmer and sunnier so that I can justify wearing a beautiful white cotton tank, the drawstring pants and chucks! Then all there is left to do is sit there in the late afternoon sun sipping on tanqueray and tonic. Bliss.

NZFW 2011

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  1. great interview :) can't wait to see what Juliette has up her sleeve for winter