Sunday, August 12, 2012

Mia Wasikowska channeling the Mitford Sisters like a pro.

Country tweeds, stately homes, and a talented young female. I love Wasikowska and I'm obsessed with the Mitford sisters - and the two came together in my mind for this editorial from the September issue of British Vogue magazine shot by the inimitable Bruce Weber.

If you haven't read about the famous (and infamous!) Mitford sisters then I implore you to do so. At the very least get lost in a Wikipedia wormhole, or if you're really keen read one of the countless biographies and autobiographies that are around. Likewise, Nancy Mitfords novels draw heavily on her childhood. Nancy was the writer (famous for The Pursuit Of Love and Love In A Cold Climate). All of the six Mitford sisters were incredibly fascinating and chic in that manner of eccentric nobility that the British do so well. With multiple marriages, scandalous love affairs and infamous political leanings that spanned Communism (Decca), Fascism (Diana) and a close friendship with Hitler (Unity Mitford).

Although this is all getting a bit off topic, as the focus of this editorial is the talented young Wasikowska.

I still haven't seen Jane Eyre. I know, I suck. And I really love Mia - she's the embodiment of that famous person that you're in some kind of awe of but not totally scared by. And you know you'd totally want to be friends with in real life. Carey Mulligan is in that same box for me. Girl Crush. Total Girl Crush. And they are they absolute antithesis of those vaguely scary LA starlets who sweat fake tan and Adderall and have a premature propensity for facial fillers. You know who
I'm talking about. Although I admittedly secretly love that breed too but for completely different reasons. Who are your Girl Crushes??

UK Vogue September 2012 "If I take your picture Mia, will you take mine?" 
Mia Wasikowska by Bruce Weber and Joe McKenna
Source: The Fashion Spot

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  1. I love this, and this look too. Nancy Mitford is a personal hero of mine and the whole Mitford clan a neverending source of fascination/admiration/jealousy yet relief that I wasn't apart of that amazingly barmy family!