Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Donut Earrings now in store at Children Of Vision!

If you've been engaged with the local social media scene the past month you'd have to have made a concerted effort to miss even a single of many images of Jimmy D's recent Spring 12/13 lookbook and presentation. And you'll surely have noticed one of the finishing touches to the collection; the cute, tongue-in-cheek donut earrings that accessorised each look. I myself was so obsessed with them that I managed to get my hands on a pair from James Dobson. And I won't be the only one now that they're in store now at Children Of Vision in St Kevin's Arcade for $15 each on all their fantastic, saccharine fakeness. And they're addittedly the lowest-calorie way to enjoy this icon of American pop-culture snacks -  wear your donuts don't eat them!!! Just kidding. I totally had three at the Jimmy D presentation - well balanced dinner (because they were all pink!)

Image courtesy of James Dobson and Children of Vision.

A shameless selfie I took in my hotel bathroom in Southland.
In related news, that fresh southern air made my skin great.

Holly Rose [Red 11] at the Jimmy D Spring presentation.

Lili Sumner [Red 11] by Oliver Rose for the Jimmy D Spring 12/13 Lookbook


  1. London (Kiwi in London)August 8, 2012 at 6:23 PM

    Oh my. I want some. I think these earrings will be a big hit - it'll make Jimmy D world famous, another kiwi designer taking over the world (like KW and her amazing sunnies). Your make up is beautiful, and your skin looks great.

    Fab blog !!

  2. RAD. got to get me some of these

  3. Oh my goodness, donut earrings! These are fabulous! x

    Kate {Modette}