Monday, July 23, 2012

Makeup Monday: MAC Cosmetics' "Heavenly Creature"

It appears to be Monday some how. Who knows where the weekend went (actually, I know exactly where my weekend went). But we all know what Monday means! Beauty shoutouts and new products - things to make you feel better about the new week and improve the aftermath of whatever you did on the weekend. And there's no better day than a Monday to decide to try some new products and habits (every single Monday I vow to be vigilant about taking my makeup off before bed. By Friday I'm always complacent and lazy again).

The past week or two I've been roadtesting MAC's new "Heavenly Creatures" collection which features new products in the popular Mineralize range (those ridiculously pretty mineral products that make you glow like nothing else) and it's not a far jump to see the inspiration of the galaxies and planets of outer space. The lipsticks are soft and glossy with rich colour (and make your lips look great) I'm wearing the darkest shade "Fire Sign" paired with the golden toned mineralize blush in "Solar Ray". Glowy and healthy is never a bad look. Especially since I turned 24 on Friday (and having a mild existential crisis about it) I'll have all the glow inducing products I can find.

These are without doubt the prettiest products you could ever have floating around in your handbag with your gum and small change.

All images courtesy of Mac Cosmetics



    so pretty and magical ! X X

  2. I love this range! The lipsticks sound wonderful - love the colour you have on! And happy birthday for last Friday! xx

    Kate {Modette}