Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Lipstick makes everything better, right?

Nothing says functional adult female like an epic swipe of lipstick - be it siren red or perfectly saccharine pink. Whenever I see my mother she tells me to "put some lipstick on" - to which I often respond by pulling my beanie lower and scowling. She's right though (as they unfortunately often are) and most of the time you will find me in one of my go-to favorites like bright red Lady Danger, rich violet Heroine or a extreme hot-pink (all by MAC cosmetics). 
Dree Hemingway for Vogue Paris November 2010

Lipstick helps you get away with a lazy face of makeup if you've slept in and all you have time for is base, lips and brows. It's also the best way to look sassy and cute for a night out - and you can leave it on someones cheek (or pillow if so inclined). And I swear lipstick makes you look marginally more expensive. Since the mystic powers of lipstick are universal and so many of my friends wear it so well, I thought I'd do a call-in of selfie shots of everyones favorites. 

Pebbles Hooper | Stylist and Manager of Pencil Boutique
Violet lipstick by LimeCrime

MAC Lipstick in "Morange"
It's the perfect shade for all seasons and any time of day!'

Lalaine Alano | Stylist and Booker
Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet in "La Fascinante"
It sounds fancy as hell but it's a rich matte red that feels nice on, it helps me feel classy most of the time and look classy half of the time.

Lucy Slight | Fashion and Beauty Editor at Girlfriend Magazine
MAC Viva Glam hot pink lipstick in Nicki Minaj #1
I love it because it's the perfect mix between bright candy and hot pink but the cool tone makes it wearable for day without freaking people out!

Claire Litter (on right) | Director
Topshop Matte Lip Crayon in hot pink
Amazing almost fluoro hot hot hot pink MATTE lip crayon from top shop...LOVE IT...never seen such a perfect lipstick....it's like crayon, all matte and all BRIGHTNESS... super fluoro!

Dominique Unkovich | Law Student
MAC Lipstick in "Lady Danger"
Many of my good friends could attest to the fact that Lady Danger is my signature lip colour. I've been wearing it for years and it never dates- one of the many reasons why I love it; red is just such a classic colour. As someone who tends to wear a lot of black, I love that Lady Danger can liven up an all-black outfit. This particular brand of red is a matte so it tends to stay on well, even after eating/drinking- so if you're anything like me and tend to go out for 'a few drinks' that end in Tequila shots at 5am...then this is the fuss-free lipstick for you! Speaking of fuss-free, i'm pretty lazy when it comes to make-up so I like that I can just put on Lady Danger and because it's such a bold colour you need little else on your face. You can't really deny that red lips are uncompromisingly sexy - just try and tell any true European woman otherwise.

Aych McArdle | Blogger
MAC Lipstick in limited edition "Heroine" from the Reel Sexy collection.
I've fallen in love with this shade and I'm sad it is a limited edition colour! It's silky smooth and dangerously luscious! It makes me feel badass.

Tiffany Low | Fashion Editor at The Down Low
Mac Lipstick limited edition "Sail La Vie" from the Hey Sailor collection
It's a mixture of some of my favorite M.A.C lipstick tones - Lady Danger, Vegas Volt, and Morange. When I'm wearing Sail La Vie, I feel vibrant. It brightens up any outfit; I love colour-blocking and wearing fun colours, and Sail La Vie is definitely a lipstick that complements a variety of colours. It also works well if I'm wearing my Liam Vermillion coat, like I am in the attached photo! Moreover, I love the packaging - I love nautical everything! The pun name is also cute.

Imogen Watt | Student and Model
Imogen is wearing a mixture of Revlon's "One Perfect Coral" and Clarins' "Rouge Vermilion"
I am a firm believer in a lipstick changing your look and I have three colours that I love, couldn't choose one. I obsessively lip balm my lips because the key to a great lipstick is healthy lips. This is a lovely fun colour thats a bright pink with a tiny hint of coral. Keep this very crisp around the edges. This is a very vibrant colour for a playful youthful feel, I paired it here with pink hair pieces and clashing prints to make this look very cute. I generally create this my mixing two to three colours and pressing blush shimmer on top to finish.

Maddy Budd | Art Student and Blogger
MAC Cremesheen in Shy Girl
I like it because it is not too obvious and i dont like my make up to be too OTT, but it still makes me feel pretty :)


  1. Such a cool post Emma!

  2. Lipstick does make you feel better Emma!!! I love wearing it! It makes me feel so much more beautiful and more confident too!!
    -Britney of Lemonwood and Honey