Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Attempt to be all French and chic with this scarf by Pardon My French for Kronenbourg (and WIN it!)

French women have that thing where they generally look stylish, aloof and effortless all the time. They also are born with the innate ability to tie a scarf perfectly. Just look at iconic women like Jane Birkin or Brigitte Bardot. It's almost painful to observe (although totally inspiring) made all the worse by the blogs like Jak & Jil and Garance Dore that document stunning Parisians constantly.

So in honour of Bastille Day on the 14th, New Zealand label Pardon My French and Kronenbourg beer have teamed up to create ten limited edition cotton scarves and I have this one to give away! 
To enter, simply tell me in the comments who your favorite French style icon is and why (don't forget to include your full name).

Obviously I'm not French and coincidentally I'm super sick with tonsillitis and a cold today - so zero makeup and wet hair paired with this scarf really is literally effortless.


  1. Astrid Berges. Pourqoui? Because she is quintessentially francaise in her style. She wears crisp pant suits with a dash of red lipstick, her hair is neatly pinned into tousled updos and she pulls of an array of hapless head gear like no other.

    1. Hey!!!

      You won! Email me please.


  2. How come you look so slick when you're sick? You got a healthy identical twin, right?

    As for french icon - to pick between Charlotte G, Emmanuelle A, Francoise H and Jane B, too hard basket....but Francoise Hardy no, no, Emmanuelle, no...Francoise, Francoise, yep, no. Charlotte Gainsbourg because of this image

  3. You look beautiful!
    My favourite french icon is Gabrielle Chanel. Because she rose from a loveless, poverty stricken childhood. Through sheer guts, determination and a big dollop of intuition she became somebody incredible.

    Yajna M x

  4. You make disease look good ;)
    My current French muse is Clemence Poesy. Besides being the blessed beautiful, I love her slightly undone effortless chicness. Basics transform into something remarkable on her.

  5. Charlotte Gainsbourg! Simply because I've not once thought she didn't look god in a picture. Totally all about the effortless + chic.

    Gina Williams. x

  6. I really love Audrey Tautou, especially her hair.
    However I also have a million pictures of Brigitte Bardot tumblr-favourited so she must be up there too!

  7. Jean Seberg! a French icon without being French - there is hope for us all yet

  8. My French style icon is Carine Roitfeld for her hair-covering-face shyness and coquettishness. She is always immaculate and forever tanned. I like how she is modest enough to wear the same shoes with different outfits. Forever wanting some Alaia footwear because of her! - Nina B.