Wednesday, June 6, 2012

What I'm Wearing This Winter: with Felix Terpstra

Catching up with Felix for coffee or a bloody mary is always great and plenty of laughs. Terpstra is a software/web designer and does his model thing with 62 Models. He also wears a coat very well. And is the only person I know with five consonants in a row in his surname.
Felix is wearing a trenchcoat by Working Style over a vintage double breasted jacket, Ralph Lauren Polo oxford shirt and Topman trousers. His shoes are Nike Frees and his sunglasses are classic Rayban Clubmasters.

As usual, I had some questions for Felix about his approach to cold-weather dressing and what he was getting up to for winter.

What do you have planned for your life and wardrobe this winter?
Growing my business. Sartorially, I need a suit (ideally by Crane Brothers) and a camel coat.
[update: Felix told me yesterday that he's also in deseperate need of a beanie or three.]
What do you like most about winter?
Layering - you can never have enough layers. Also, skiing and steak.

Check out Felix's work here.


  1. Isn't it 5 consonants, not vowels?

    1. Yes you are right. Brain fail by me.