Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Today we got to play DIY Lookbook with Zambesi's Spring collection.

Usually when you see a new collection from a local designer it happens in a number of expected, standard (and admittedly successful formats). There's the lookbook; both hard copy (always nice to flick through) and pdf (super useful if you're a blogger). There's also a rail of clothes to peruse through - always good to see fabrics and details up close. Not to mention one of the most immediate and concise ways to view a collection is as a whole, hanging on a rail. Sometimes if you are lucky or its New Zealand Fashion Week time you even get a runway show. All of which are good and well but not necessarily interactive. Here is where Zambesi got different for spring.

This afternoon we arrived at the iconic and soon-to-be-closed Vulcan Lane store (it has been replaced by the Tyler Street store in Britomart) to find a cyclorama set up in the old menswear area upstairs surrounded by rails of the latest collection. Widika and Andrey were there to do the modeling honors and be dressed in outfits of our choice as we got all DIY lookbook with the spring range. It was not only a fantastic way to see garments and looks of your choosing on, it was also great with regards to creating some spontaneous and relatively individual imagery. Not to mention it's hard to achieve that level of interaction and involvement with a collection whilst maintaining its ethos and aesthetic.
I'd already seen this collection a few times so I already new that it featured camo-print, suiting, polka dots and lace. So I used this opportunity to see some of my favorite pieces together.

I'm still totally obsessed with pinstripes, navy being my particular poison. Thankfully Zambesi's spring collection has several excellent incarnations of it for men and women - both classic suiting and less traditional explorations like dresses and so forth. The problem with pinstripe is that it can so easily look too corporate and traditional - and is so often cut in broad, boxy, dated shapes. Thankfully this is not the case here. The women's jacket is probably my favorite piece in the whole collection - and is a slightly shrunken version of the mens single-buttoned jacket. Super flattering, obviously I had to try it on.

I've been wanting a suit (or some for thereof) for so so long now, and I feel like this jacket is the solution. Smart enough without being necessarily too corporate (I think the short body length and single button help) not to mention it's my absolute favorite kind of pinstripe. So Carolyn Bessette right now you guys! I could go the trouser route, but I think I'd rather get a more femme and marginally slutty with a matching miniskirt and channel everyones favorite rail-thin lawyer Ally McBeal. I'm kind of obsessed with that show all over again. Also realising that I was way too young when I watched it the first time round.

Camo print is a huge feature of the collection, in a red. Zambesi's version is an original screenprint - ever so slightly offset as all the best screenprints are. I love this head to toe - particularly that jumpsuit. It's a less expected offering of that kind of print and has some great flimsy straps happening. I love flimsy little straps on anything and everything.

The loafers (original Zambesi footwear, of which there's always a style or two each season) are so what I'm needing right now. Black! Flat! Sensible! Solid!

Widika has one of the best bobs I know. Seriously, hands down brunettes look a million times better than blondes with short hair. Be it a blunt bob or a short crop.


  1. That is a fantastic way to show a collection. What a load of fun! Would love to have some Zambesi barbies to dress hehehe! Great loafers. X

  2. So awesome! Such a cool idea :)