Sunday, June 24, 2012

If you want bargain loafers right now, totally buy these.

Because they look good, are 100% leather and are only £20.00! Topshop know how to do a sale. I wear flat shoes literally 99% of the time (the remaining 1% is for stilettos, obv) and rotate between converse, leather loafers and black ballet flats - with the rare boot thrown in. Loafers being my particular go-to option for when I need to look remotely pulled together. Or am wearing something uber-casual and need to pretend I'm a functional adult. Or just when running late and don't have time to find socks or lace anything up. Not to mention they look all cute and preppy with hosiery for winter.

Image Source: Topshop

Do you wear flat shoes? What is your flat of choice and why? Or are you one of those enviable goddesses who can wear heels all day every day? Because if you are I hate you but I totally love you.

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  1. Haha I posted a few days ago about how I waited for these to go on sale and bought them right away. So so cheap for leather shoes. Can't wait to receive them.