Friday, June 29, 2012

I love being on time.

So naturally I love watches. Even though we all use our iPhones half the time to check the time, I still feel absolutely naked and helpless when not wearing a watch. So much so that for the past six months I've been wearing an old Citizen of my mothers that doesn't even work, purely so my wrist has some thing on it. Yesterday I was lucky enough to get my hands on one of the recently released watches by local menswear label I Love Ugly when I went to have a look at the new store fit-out and have a chat about branding, menswear, cohesion and party shirts. All whilst trying not to pass out from the pain in my foot (cellulitis, not cute) that has had me unproductively on the couch nearly all week (hence the limited blogging).

Speaking of hibernating, you'd have had to be living under a rock not to have noticed the overwhelming dominance of I Love Ugly in dressing Auckland's young men this past year. I've been at parties or bars where I can count on at least three hands all the printed shirts or Zespy pants I can see. Not to mention five-panel caps. What the brand is doing clearly resonates with young men (ease, price point, style). 

Back to the store, which you should check out this weekend if you're in Auckland. The industrial design that features in the new store fit out explores sophisticated simplicity and cohesion - designed and made in-house by ILU's branding man Mo Kheir, head designer Valentin Ozich and Jordon Saunders. Definitely stop by 11 Mt Eden Road and have a look at the new store, and the watches. Because gentlemen, nothing is cooler than a not needing a phone to tell the time. Hold your drink in your watch hand this weekend and see what happens.


  1. "Hold your drink in your watch hand this weekend and see what happens." - This is possibly the best quote EVER!

    p.s. boo to pain, sending glitter x

  2. I want your jumper, it looks so snuggly! x