Saturday, June 2, 2012

All my favorite pages from Lula's fourteenth issue

There aren't many magazines I buy, but the ones I do are filed chronologically in my bookshelf. Lula is, and always has been, one of them. The latest issue came out the other week and I spent my Friday night reading it. So many of the spring collections fit perfectly with that iconic Lula aesthetic - you know the Lula girl, cute and sweet and a bit weird. This issue has also dreamy, sullen prairie girls, 60s babes and some sassy jewellery.

"Once Upon A Time"

Photographer: Sofia Sanchez and Mauro Mongiello
Stylist: Samuel Francois
Models: Codie Young, Kate Kosushkina and Janice

Lula Loves
Photographer: Jessie Lily Adams
Stylist: Lyson Marchessault
Model: Amanda Norgaard

"Be My Baby"

Photographer: Jessie Lily Adams
Stylist: Lisa Eldridge

"Love Out Of Lust"

Photographer: Annabel Mehran
Stylist: Bay Garnett
Model: Cara Delevigne

"What A Sweet Thing That Was"

Photographer: Amy Gwatkin
Stylist: Lyson Marchessault

"That Was My Veil"

Photographer: Yelena Yemchuk
Stylist: Leith Clark
Model: Josephine Skriver

"I Will Wait For You There"

Photographer: Damon Heath
Stylist: Leith Clark
Models: Ondria Hardin and Morgane Warnier

All scanned by me.

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  1. This looks great! I also like Lula a lot. Love the pics with Norgaard, Edie Campbell (she totally looks like out from the 60s with that makeup, kind of remind me of Pattie Boyd), and Cara Delevigne. And the last editorial is awesome too, so fresh... the second picture is lovely with that sunglasses and the mint clothes... can't wait for going to the beach!