Tuesday, May 29, 2012

What I'm Wearing This Winter: with Elizabeth McPherson

Elizabeth is a good friend of mine and was the year below me at University. She's currently in her final year of Fashion Design at AUT and divides her time between that and her part time job at Zambesi. Not only does Liz always look fantastic and well dressed - but she's funny, honest and is always down for a Toto's meter pizza if you need one. 
Liz is wearing a jacket from the Army Surplus store, an old slip dress by Kate Sylvester, sunglasses by Glassons, and scarf from the Glenfield night markets with a vintage bag, Converse sneakers and socks from the AUT markets.

What do you have planned for winter?
Baking and making soups, staying in for movie nights and sangria. And of course slaving away at uni.
Are there any clothes you really want to get for winter?
A Rick Owens cardigan from Zambesi would be a dream. And there are many Karen Walker knits I must have.
What are your favorite things about winter?
Definitely coats and layering. I also find the rain so comforting! Staying inside for vino and films while it's pouring outside.

Thanks Liz x


  1. Wow this is a great post. Her style blows my mind! Wish I could pull this off!! Emma could you also tell me how you got those new tabs under your header? It looks awesome :)


  2. such a cool look for winter. i always forget to just put layers on top of lighter pieces rather than dressing like a ragamuffin. i love your friend's nails!


  3. Hi Anon! I used Blogger's Pages gadget.