Tuesday, May 22, 2012

What I'm Wearing This Winter: with Areez Katki

It's just over a week until it's officially winter, so I think it's the perfect time to launch into my new winter blog series. Called "What I'm Wearing This Winter" I'll be focusing on friends and peers and their favorite (or comfortable and warm default) outfit for winter - new coats, old sweaters and those personal touches. I'm always interested in the clothing choices made by others, particularly those with a distinct or admirable style of their own and I have so many well dressed friends that I want to share them with you - some you may recognise, some you may not. Hopefully this will also serve as a little sartorial inspiration for your cold winter mornings too.

First up to the plate is a good friend of mine, writer and knitwear designer Areez Katki. He and I met through mutual friends a few years ago and soon realised we both hailed from the same sheltered, waterfront suburb in Auckland. We caught up today over coffee and a light lunch whilst discussing knitwear, J. D. Salinger (one of Katki's favorite authors) and Carl's Junior.

Areez is wearing a jacket from Jil Sander that features a beautiful hidden button placket and hook and eye collar closure, a handkitted cardigan made by his mother, a merino sweater by Maison Martin Margiela with a Dries Van Noten polo shirt and wool trousers he had made by his grandfathers tailor. His shoes (seen below) are Dr Martens, his wallet by Comme des Garcons. His subtle pieces of jewellery are his grandfathers wedding band and a ring from Wundekammer.

Areez recently graduated with a Bachelor of Art - double majoring in Art History and English. He divides his time between working on his namesake knitwear label (that has been around for several years now), stocked at Miss Crabb where he also works (serving specialty morning tea on Sundays) and a few days at Tatty's boutique. Areez's latest collection will be in store at Miss Crabb at the end of may. 

Naturally I had to ask Areez some questions about his aproach to winter as well.

What do you have planned for winter?
Collecting beautiful things, tending to my orchids and bonsais, lots of nights in with mulled wine and hopefully some travelling.
Do you have any plans regarding your wardrobe/clothing for winter?
Layering multitonals and obviously staying as comfortable and warm as possible without looking destitute.
What do you like most about winter?
Staying in and enjoying the comfort of music, knitting and baking.

Follow Areez on Twitter and check out his website and blog.

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