Friday, May 11, 2012

What I tried on and loved from the Miss Crabb winter collection

I've been looking forward to the winter Miss Crabb collection for weeks now - it always hits stores after the other designers, which is a good thing. So when my good friend Georgia in the Crabb workroom sent me the lookbook and told me to come in and look at the pieces that were ready I headed straight over. The two pieces I had my eye on were a slinky, bias cut slip dress and a silk robe - both of which absolutely exceeded my expectations. Regular readers know I've been transfixed with slip dresses and lingerie elements for a while now. The beauty of Crabb pieces is there transformative nature, by which I mean as soon as you put them on you feel like another person - elegant, womanly, romantic. If you haven't yet experienced this, you really should. Both my favorite pieces should be in store today, ready for the weekend. The Miss Crabb store also has the new Penny Sage collection in, so it's worth stopping by for a look - especially on Sunday when Areez serves tea and treats.

Silk Turncoat & Diamonda Dress

Diamonda Dress


  1. I like this feminine side in your dressing lately - the heels are adorable.

  2. I much prefer this look on you! Definitely prefer the feminine look - less of the beanies and oversized, drape stuff!