Sunday, May 20, 2012

This one time, I had my portrait drawn.

Other than a few times when I was at art school, I've never sat for a portrait before. This changed a couple of weeks ago when the gorgeous and talented illustrator Nadeesha Godamunne asked if she could draw me. I stopped by to see her later that week and catch up and do a sitting. I know Nadeesha from fashion school where she was a few years above me while we were studying, and we talked about study, life and what all our friends were up to at the moment. I was having a frantically busy day so having a peaceful pause while I was drawn was lovely.

The finished piece was sent through to me tonight and I really love it. Godamunne captures the nuances of her subjects appearance, gestures and body language so well. I'm wearing my new-ish polo and skirt set by Kate Sylvester. Thanks Nadeesha!! xx