Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Shall we talk about bras?

We totally should. Because I know you probably wear one a lot of the time (assuming you are female). And everyone can generally appreciate nice lingerie in one way or another.

New Triumph lingerie I received the other day.

I don't know about you all, but I'm ridiculously picky about the kind of bra I wear. It has to be a very soft cup, no padding or moulding of any kind - as relaxed, natural and comfortable as possible. Basically anything that is flimsy and made of lace or mesh and I'm there. I tend to favor Stella McCartney when I can afford it - always particularly nice to be somewhat revealed under a low necked sweater or a loose camisole. And to be honest, I like boobs to look and feel like their natural state. Lonely by Lonely Hearts is also a great lingerie line for that soft, flimsy, natural look.

There is some irony in my preference towards flimsy, non-boosting underwear as it seems to be the opposite course of action to what is usually advertised to women (and men) when it comes to the ideal lingerie. Advertising and media usually repeat the mantra to make push your boobs skywards and pad as much as possible. However I've always found this uncomfortable and unnatural - not to mention hardly appealing under most types of clothes. And I can't stand the incessant obsessions with "SEXY" that Victoria's Secret pushes down everyones throats with their hoisted, padding, contoured and obvious facade of "perfect breasts". 

The current Stella McCartney Lingerie campaign

I never thought much about my personal preference until I found myself sitting in a lingerie presentation by Triumph. I'd always taken for granted that I'm relatively small busted - and certainly unfamiliar with the need for extra support or indeed the desire to make anything look bigger than it already is. However seeing the excellent and vast range offered by Triumph it occurred to me that there are a wide variety of preferences and outcomes desired when it comes to the lingerie women buy themselves. Everything from sports bras to push ups to minimizers and t-shirt bras (and this is really all just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the underwear market) are on offer. Everyone obviously lives different lives but also has very different feelings about their own body and aims of how they wish to present themselves. All of which impact on a simple thing like the underwear you buy yourself.

Do you have a preference? Why do you buy the style you buy? Are you as fussy as I am? Do you prefer pushups and molded cups or are you a fan of flimsy nothings? And why?


  1. I'm pretty small boobed myself, but as much as I love lacy camisole bras, I can't bring myself to wear them... How do you deal with thin/flimsy fabrics and non-padded/structured bras?

  2. I really enjoyed this post : ) I'm very small boobed as well and find it hard to find bras that I like and can actually try on first. I can't stand padding or underwire because I find it really uncomfortable. Aesthetically my favorites would have to be Lonely Hearts, Bodas, 3.1 Phillip Lim and Araks.

    The point you made about Victorias secret is really interesting, its kind of annoying that most mainstream lingerie brands assume that you want to look bigger.

  3. Great post!
    I'm small busted and used to feel like I 'should' pad, which was crazy.
    Now I'm really glad I have small boobs, as (aside from being able to channel the 20's with ease) I don't have to worry about keeping them under control, I can run without them being crazy, and can concentrate on dressing them up! For this reason I'm a massive fan of silky lace nothings as well; wearing a silk Stella McCartney right now.

  4. And I thought I was alone in disliking all the stupid padded and moulded bras! It's so hard to find simple and plain soft cup bras now. The sales assistants seem to think I'm insane when I ask if they have any. Elle MacPherson used to do fantastic ones - but they all get discontinued it seems. Those padded pointed or lacy bras look terrible under clothes. I hate feeling like an extra from Mad Men wearing one. HATE Victoria's secret - tacky, tacky, tacky.

  5. What a good topic to blog about!

    I totally agree with you and the above comments, padded is not for me. I love the little triangle lace flimsy numbers that Lonely Hearts bring out. I mainly wear these sorts of bras (Topshop had a good cheaper version of these for a while). Otherwise I feel like I am wearing shoulder pads down my top! Extremely odd and uncomfortable.

  6. I wish I could wear gorgeous scraps of lace as a bra! Sadly I am a D cup and thus such styles do not exist in my size. Most of my bras are from Fayreform, with my sports bras from Bendon. I always go for lace styles though - no padding or boosting for me.

  7. Interesting post & comments. I can't do push-up and padding, my DD's just spill out everywhere & look ridiculous! On the other hand, anything too flimsy & I'm nipping out with the slightest chill, which is embarrassing. I wish I had a small bust so I could wear the prettiest dainty little things peaking out of neckines like you describe, I think thats oh-so-chic, but on a bigger busted girl it would just attract unwanted attention!

  8. a good discussion going on girls! I am small busted and have breast fed two babies, consequently the form is not too good. I wear under-wired and padded bras, otherwise they practically disappear. I want to feel feminine and not look like I've lost all care. If you can get away without then good for you, every-one to their own.

  9. I prefer those delicate slip of a thing bra's, love Lonely Hearts and Stella too. I have somewhat grown in the past year to a small C, from a B, and it may not seem like a big increase but you notice the difference! I do need underwire now during the day, unless I want a little extra jiggle to my chest area all day, not attractive or comfortable! I save my Lonely Hearts for nights/lounging/anything where I'm not walking or running. I'm generally anti-sexy too but admit to loving some Agent Provocateur sets (ok, the tamer stuff, not so much the nipple tassels et al) - but that's a more old school, seductive sexy as opposed to the tacky, Americanized sexy that's shoved down out throats every second.

  10. Vanessa PritchardJune 1, 2012 at 4:39 AM

    Yes, great topic! I haven't thought too hard about bras in quite some time. It seems I'm the only girl so far to report that I like padding and push-ups. I have a small bust as well, and some of my tops and dresses fit me better when I'm wearing extra hardware. I don't feel like I'm trying to dupe anyone who may be looking at my temporary fakies, since I don't believe they're as big as they look in the push-ups myself. I only own 3 bras, and one of them is nude to wear under white and light tops, so colour is definitely a criterium for me. Most often I go braless, layering tank tops to keep eager nipples down. I also purchased the "Aah Bra" (I saw it at the store, okay?!), the sports bra-esque undergarment claiming to solve all bra issues. I like that it doesn't cut into flesh and create rolls as other bras do, but it actually flattens me out more than I'd like, so I only wear it when I'm sporting a boyish outfit and don't mind looking 13 again. Truthfully, the lacy, unpadded cups never quite fit me right, but since the author and the majority of the readers on here seem to prefer them, maybe it's time for another go. I'll be shopping today, thank you very much!

  11. Gah, bras are the bane of my life. Trying to find one that is affordable and in my size (hello, E cup) is a disaster. I prefer a moulded, underwire bra as I need (not just want, NEED) these to stay in place - I feel like a soft cup bra is the equivalent of letting them roam free, which is not something that people should see. So perhaps it's not so much of a preference for me but rather a (self imposed, granted) necessity. But hey, I like the way that moulded, underwire bras look on me anyway, so it's not all bad!

  12. Ah! A problem I have recently been struggling with! I am a 12E and it is almost impossible to find any nice bras that fit. I am 20 years old and all the bras that come in that size look like they were designed for my Grandma.
    BUT...I have found 2 awesome bras which fit perfectly and are not ugly. Elle Macpherson Dentelle bra. It has an underwire but not padded and very pretty. And my new fav sports bra is a Bendon Sport bra which is super supportive but quite expensive. During my searching I found this online shopping site that offers 20% off normal pricing so made it a little more bareable. if anyone is interested. Bra shopping seems to be difficult for everyone here, so its good to see I not alone!

  13. I LOVE all the comments on this post you guys!!!!
    Bras are both awesome and frustrating whatever your size!!!
    If there's anything else you want me to rant and rave about just holla in the comments/my twitter/tumblr/anything.


  14. I love lacy bras too, I can't stand to buy 'boring t-shirt bras' but I rarely do flimsy. I have D cup breasts and so always go for under wire. I do have one bra which is pure lace with no padding (it does have an under wire though)and it is so pretty but I find it hard to wear with most of my outfits without getting 'nips'. I want to know if this is just a problem I have? Surely no matter your boob size this is unavoidable?

    I agree most push up bras are uncomfortable. I also find it strange that they make bras for large sizes that have a flimsy joint between the cups? How does that support them?

  15. This is the best-fitting, most comfortable bra I've ever worn. The band works well to keep back fat from showing, and the cups have shaped foam inside that supports better than any bra I've tried. I will definitely buy barely there bra again and recommend it to friends.