Saturday, May 5, 2012

School Spirit

I know that watered down versions of this collegiate Americana thing are starting to pop up everywhere, but go back to the originals for inspiration. You don't necessarily need a letterman jacket (or a bastardized version thereof c/o some chainstore) but totally do a fair-isle sweater, a throwback, some lumberjack plaid or a Celine tshirt. There's also this awesome A.P.C sweatshirt at Made right now.
Wellesley College by Nina Leen


Celine tshirt

Still from Oblivion by Grimes

Bowdoin College by Alfred Eisenstaedt

Colby College Mountain Day 1950

Sugar & Spice

Bowdoin College

The Halloween epsiode from My So Called Life

Celine Spring 12

Bowdoin College
Image Sources: Life Archives, Celine, Google, Youtube

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  1. Argh! But I like my particular bastardized version :) Although this sweater I found at Savemart was well worth the $4