Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Outfit Documentation: Wednesday 23rd May

I somewhat foolishly braved bare legs today, but it went okay with plenty layering on top. And the bird print shorts and yellow knit were cheerfully upbeat for such a beautiful, sunny autumn day. From behind I looked suspiciously like I had forgotten to wear pants.

What I wore today:
- Juliette Hogan mock-turtleneck sweater.
- Karen Walker shorts.
- Parka that I borrowed/stole from mum.
- Loafers I bought in Melbourne and can't remember where from.
- Karen Walker sunglasses


  1. You look you are from a sun-faded Stephen Shore or Slim Aarons photograph. Love the tort sunglasses with the marigold turtleneck and maroon loafers. There is something utterly perfect about maroon and shades of ochre and brown. The anorak hints that makes you were about to bound off to go sail a schooner off the Hauraki Gulf?