Thursday, May 17, 2012

Outfit Documentation: Wednesday 16th May

Yesterday afternoon was spent at Showroom 22 for their biannual and always great Media Open Day, this time for the spring collections (some of which we saw at Blue Sky a few weeks ago). I'm standing in front of TwentySevenNames' awesome spring collection.
What I wore yesterday:
- Lonely Hearts leather trousers
- Mens fairisle sweater from Country Road
- Topshop heels
- Deadly Ponies bag
What I did:
- Brisk, cold 6km run.
- Post office and bank errands.
- Starbucks for pseudo-lunch with Pebbles, Jack and Duncan.
- Showroom 22's Media Open Day.
- Went out west with Pebbles to see the amazing Leah Light for nail art.


  1. Ohhhhhh my gosh. Getting. That. Jumper. It's awesome!

    1. and it's 100% wool so it's legitimately warm!!

  2. My fave outfit of yours to date! Love dem pants.