Thursday, May 17, 2012

Outfit Documentation: Thursday 17th May

Friends, family and regular readers will know I hardly ever wear black - tending to opt for a lighter palette and more neutrals. Black can be harsh when you're a fair skinned blonde, sometimes it's just not your friend. But for some reason today I piled on the blacks and added a navy coat. Maybe it was the horrendous rain this morning. Or maybe I was trying to offset my indecently short skirt with some sartorial sobriety like a sensible black sweater and a trench coat.

What I'm wearing:
- Three Over One mens trenchcoat from Fabric
- Standard Issue mens sweatshirt
- Country Road skirt
- Beanie from Ssur
- Spotty pantyhose from Glassons
- Dr Martens
What I did:
- Coffee at Alleluya with Widika.
- Stopped by the N Model Management office.
- Had a look at Black Box and a chat to Scarlet.
- Afternoon coffee at Kokako with Glen and made plans for this this year and next.


  1. Your legs look hot in this photo!

  2. wheeeerre did you get those low docs?!!!?! I have been looking for some for ages

    1. Hi! You can get low top docs at Pat Menzies or Made or they have low-top cherry docs at Zambesi at the moment. But I'd definitely recommend Pat Menzies for every possible kind of doc you could want (and converse and vans for that matter). Lows tops are my favorite.

    2. Thanks so much! Are yours the Oxford or just normal 1461, I can't decide which ones to get!!

    3. I've got the classic 1461s in black. I really want a pair of the new forest green ones though! The ones without the coloured stitching (they are stocked at Made)

  3. Well they look really good! thanks for your help :-)