Sunday, May 20, 2012

My favorite looks from Kate Sylvester's spring collection

Winter's not even here yet (although only ten days away) and I'm already getting excited about the spring collections.  One of my favorites so far from Kate Sylvester. Loosely inspired by Jane Eyre but treated as a lighter, more playful interpretation of what is admittedly a dark, dour tale. This reference popped up in accessories, laser-cut leather, lace pieces and beautiful cut-work embroidery trimmings on collars and hems. 

As mentioned earlier this week, I had a look at the collection last friday. The first thing that noticed my eye (from across the room in fact) were the fantastic paisley prints. I've always loved this particular print but I've been especially obsessed with paisley for the past year since it popped up repeatedly at some of my favorite designers like Jil Sander, J.W Anderson and Stella McCartney. Kate Sylvester's spring paisley offerings come in a cool grey/blue and a fantastic red and cream. The latter I will absolutely be getting. In fact I play to commit to the print-on-print look of trousers with a matching tshirt. It's one of my favorite ways to wear a print (in fact it works equally well with tones of colour or neutrals too). Yeah, so I'm pretty obsessed with the image below and can't wait until this whole look is in my wardrobe come July/August.

Speaking of matching sets, the collection also features a nod to the elegantly easy pyjama dressing trend that's been around lately. This is another look I've loved since it popped up a year or so ago at Celine and The Row. I like Kate Sylvester's black offering as it's slightly more dressy and less literal - although it also comes in an emerald green and a champagne colour. I want the black shirt, and love the idea of pairing it with a pencil skirt or some sharp trousers.

Ladylike skirts but in awesome fabrics and prints are so what I'm into right now. Pair with loafers, converse or stilettos. I love how light and fresh this look is. Also, those mint heels with oxford details are even better in real life.

This suit was another thing that caught my eye, subtly evocative of fox-hunts and gentry (an observation Sylvester herself told me was quite correct).

Argyle knits, preppy and sweet. Twice as good when worn as a twinset.

Yeah I'm pretty much in love with this. Paisley on paisley, and in that fresh white-beige-red colourway. Also, those pants are a great cut.

This emerald dress instantly reminded me of that iconic green dress from Atonement. Green is hard to get right but this shade is spot on and such a strong choice for evening wear - handsome as opposed to sexy or pretty. And so elegant.

I'm still all about slip-dresses and lingerie details. And getting sad because it's nearly getting too cold to wear them now. Unless you add a giant fur or some clever layering. This is great though. And the lacework on the edges is lovely because it's linear instead of flowery. These details also pop up in a bra and a camisole.

This is that cutwork embroidery that I mentioned early. Not only does it stand out on the black but it restrains it from venturing into too sweet territory. I also like the button closure at the front of the collar.

Those details also pop up on this lovely shirt in this tonal champagne look - paired with the pyjama shorts.

That paisley, in the blue colourway.

Soft and delicate lace in a great colour. The neckline and sleeves I particularly love.
Source: Kate Sylvester

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  1. Loving this... not usually a Kate Sylvester girl, but this is awesome... PS, do you know where the shoes are from?