Monday, May 28, 2012

Makeup is a great reason to get up in the morning.

If you follow me on any of the numerous and ever breeding social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram (follow me! "EmmaGleason") or Tumblr you will know that a good deal of my time is spent obsessing about the important things in life like bold lips, liquid eyeliner and the best tools to do a Strong Brow (a phrase best said aloud, in a voice imitating Alan Rickman). Or my successful mission to find the perfect purple lipstick.

Aline Weber for Vogue Paris

I also like to obsessively read about other peoples beauty routines. And I'm not talking about the "Oh I keep my skin luminous by just drinking lots of water so naturally never have to wear makeup. And never mascara because my eyelashes are longer than a camel" types. Because that's lies. And boring. No, on the contrary I prefer reading about people who do the same shit I do - like be too lazy to take their makeup off at 3am and end up with lipstick on their pillow. Or carry five lipsticks in their handbag but can never find the one I actually need. Or are plagued with common frustrations like dry skin, the odd breakout in your twenties (seriously, I thought that was meant to stop when you left your teens? More lies.) and dry brittle hair. The latter being the reason why I'm sitting here writing this with coconut-oil all through my hair. I've been plagued with ridiculously dry, porous hair my whole life (and so much of it) made slightly worse by my love of keeping it just the right shade of platinum blonde. On one of those Internet black-hole googling sessions the other night I came across the use of coconut oil as a foolproof solution for dry hair and skin, so will keep you all updated on the progress. [disclaimer: obviously you shampoo this out after an hour or two.]

Romee Strijd backstage at Jil Sander Spring 12

One of the very few beauty writers I follow is the brilliant, crazy and refreshingly, jarringly frank and honest Cat Marnell from I thoroughly recommend following her although prepare to be offended and shocked. But that is the best part. An approach that glosses over nothing. So much more relatable and engaging than the groomed, perfect ciphers that perpetuate so many beauty and fashion blog. She's as candid about her fake tan technique, red lipstick by YSL and her self proclaimed narcissism and substance abuse issues. Some of my favorites pieces by her (most are beauty related, albeit vaguely) include Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy, juice cleanses, Whitney Houston, dermatologists and Kate Moss for Supreme.

What skin and hair concerns plague you? And is there anyone you like to read with regards to beauty/health/angst? And why don't we all look cute and fresh faced like Eniko below?

Eniko Mihalik for Vogue Paris
Image sources: The Fashion Spot, Vogue Paris,


  1. It's best to leave the coconut oil overnight, Emma :) Works best the longer you keep it! Just put a towel on your pillow. I've been doing this since I was a child & so does my Indian grandma - she still has beautiful, silky hair at 70+yo!)

  2. How is the coconut working on dry skin? You should do an update post! My face is flaking off non-stop and we havnt even hit the cold bit of winter yet, its so awful. Also where did you get it from? Supermarket, chemist or ?

    1. Hi Anon!

      Definitely noticing a difference, although have only been using it for a few days. I got my jar from the healthfood shop but I think you can get it from some supermarkets. It's not very expensive and a little goes a long long long way.

      Hair definitely felt softer too!