Monday, May 28, 2012

Lipstick I can't live without #1 - MAC Lady Danger

It was super early when I took this last week, as you can tell by the painfully pretty sunrise behind the blinds. This was the day I went on a day trip to Paeroa with Pebbles (you may have followed our adventures on Instagram). Somehow I still managed to put on red lipstick at 6:30am. Good thing that Lady Danger by MAC is foolproof and long-wearing. This shade is my go-to red and one of the most popular lipsticks in the New Zealand market (something to do with our light and skin tones). It not only looks good in person but really pops in photos because of the matte finish and dense pigment, making it perfect for special events. It's also a younger, brighter take on the traditional vampy red - especially for daytime wear. If you don't own this already, you really need to get down to a MAC Store and get it in your life. Trust me, you will soon be unable to comprehend how you ever functioned without it.


  1. I've owned Lady Danger for some time now and it is my ultimate fav lipstick. I love the matte texture, it doesn't hardly feel like you're wearing any lippy at all. Plus it makes it last for ages. Not to mention it has te coolest name for a lipstick!

  2. i recently flushed ruby woo down the accident. i was sad, but never really liked the matte-ness of the red. i think lady danger would be a good substitute!


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  3. So, wore it today after buying on your recommendation and love it. But may have also awkwardly walked past you at lunch. Cool story. Thanks for the tip.

  4. Glad you liked it!! Totally say hi next time. Was it Little & Friday?? x