Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Fresh hair, new sweatshirt

You know how your hair will be fine for months, and then "okay whatever I have some roots showing but lets roll with it" until all of a sudden you realize "holy shit it's been over three months and I should have got my hair done yesterday if not three weeks ago." Yeah so, that was me on Monday. Luckily enough I managed to get a last minute appointment with my amazing hairdresser Jason at Stephen Marr to get rid of my skanky roots. I spent most of the day ensconced in the Newmarket salon while a storm raged outside and I read all about Gwyneth Paltrow's latest cleanse (god I love her). Because Jason is pretty awesome, I made him this denim apron

Another bright point in todays grey, rainy day was this awesome new sweatshirt that AS Colour kindly sent me. The two-tone raglan style fits perfectly with that athletic/jock thing I like. The lightweight sweatshirting is great because it has less bulk (kind to females) and lends itself kindly to layering. Sweatshirts with a nice woolen coat says "Hey, I'm down to earth but totally reliable okay." Get yours here!


  1. What size is that AS colour sweatshirt? It looks so good!

    1. Thanks! It's a men's medium. They are quite a small fit.